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Melbourne, a charming city most suitable for walking tour! Those hidden streets and alleys, roofs and underground mazes with excellent viewing angles are waiting for you to discover one by one of the great places that many tourists can't think of! Have you ever thought of walking with locals to explore the endless treasures of Mocheng? Come and take a look at the walking tours recommended by the editor!

Melbourne Central Secret Tour

Friends who have been to Mocheng must remember the bright and clear glass spire of the CBD, right? This is the well-known Melbourne Central in Mocheng.

To explore the legendary story of this landmark building, you can join the 45-minute Melbourne Central Uncovering Tour!

Follow the sunny and handsome local writer Dale to the mysterious roof where the perspective is excellent, listen to him share anecdotes about the century-old bullet factory, the cuckoo clock, and you will surely discover a Melbourne Central that you don't know!

Book now: http://um0.cn/IrzGz

Taobao Shopping Tour

This is not Taobao.com, in Melbourne’s exquisite laneways and hidden places, countless Mocheng treasures are waiting for you to discover!

Favorite specialty shops and local designer shops, but are too lazy to research in advance? Then sign up to join the classic Taobao shopping trip!

Food, art, fashion, and wine are all-encompassing. The most professional local guide will take you to savor this charming city in a strolling way!

Book now: http://um0.cn/2vHCIv

Mexico City Food Tour

The world of foodie is so happy! As a standard foodie, of course, we must follow the firm policy of "you can eat where you go"!

When you come to Melbourne, which is full of food, there are fresh produce, celebrity chefs with favorite dishes and award-winning restaurants. If you want to get the most worthy of food, you have to need the guidance of professional gourmets!

No matter whether it is a new restaurant or a top famous store, no matter street food or manor wine, just choose the route you are interested in, and then follow the gourmets!

Book now: http://um0.cn/3HTRqH

Mocheng Coffee Tour

As a world-famous coffee city, in the cafes on the streets of Melbourne, you will always encounter baristas with superb looks and standards!

If you consider yourself a deep coffee lover, or want to explore the coffee culture of this city more deeply, I suggest you try a professional coffee tour!

From the most innovative cafes to the locals’ favorite specialty shops, the one to three-hour coffee tour can be private or as a team. It is definitely the best choice for coffee lovers!

Book now: http://um0.cn/478tTr

Dandenong Food and Culture Tour

Dandenong has more than 1,000 delicious restaurants, and foodies who love world cuisine are likely to suffer from selection difficulties here!

How to choose so many delicious dishes? Which characteristics are most worth tasting? Don't have to work hard to do your homework in advance, just hand it over to local food experts!

A two-and-a-half-hour food culture tour, the most condensed food experience, following the most experienced foodies, and exploring the most unique food, it's that simple!

Time: 5:50 – 8pm, 24 Sep

Book now: http://um0.cn/37Q90B

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