Xdongkai can only live for 4 years to sell Australian products? Do you believe in the "brick house"? !

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Editor: "90% of private agents are fake". As soon as Liu Qiangdong said this, the topic went up. Because of the huge JD e-commerce presence, the Australian market is no longer a pure land for purchasing agents. Although Qiangdong’s remarks are not true, most of the purchasing agents sell real things. However, whether it is e-commerce or purchasing agent, what both parties face together is the future market competitiveness. The war of words is only temporary, and competitiveness is the eternal theme. Experts also came out one after another at this time, and some experts said that the viability of the daigou market was only four years left. Four years is short-lived, and for many friends who do daigou, the endurance of the daigou market is also closely related to their own future plans. So why did the experts come to this inference? Does Daigou really lose market competitiveness completely?

Australian economists say that most daigou markets have little survival

Shi Heling, an economics professor from Monash University, said that in four years, the market for purchasing agents will shrink significantly. Professor Heling Shi is well-known in Australian economics. He is the founder of the Australian National Exhibition Hall in Shanghai Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone. He personally planned the Australian National Pavilion, which opened up a pioneering channel for communication between Australian products and Chinese consumers.

In the interview, Professor Shi talked about the future of Daigou in particular. He said that after the "China-Australia Trade Agreement" is passed, it will have a big impact on Daigou. Within four years, Daigou still has a certain market share. However, after four years, it will be difficult to divide the cake. This view is mainly based on the timetable for mutual reduction of tariffs between China and Australia. Professor Shi said that compared with the high-efficiency operation mode of large-scale enterprises such as e-commerce, purchasing agents will lose advantages such as mailing fees and service fees for purchasing agents. Chinese customers may prefer large multinational e-commerce platforms. 

However, seeing this, the little friends who are purchasing agents need not be too disappointed. Because Professor Shi said that purchasing agents will not disappear completely after four years, but will gradually decrease. Shi Heling mentioned that Daigou may need a new survival model to adapt to market competition from e-commerce. That is "cooperation"! The reason is as follows. After so many years of development, Daigou has formed a perfect procurement channel in the local market. Cooperation with large domestic e-commerce companies can develop a new procurement mechanism, which is an inevitable trend.

Living space for purchasing

So why does Daigou still have room for survival? Professor Shi said that the number one advantage of Daigou is price. Because Daigou bypasses the entire tariff system, the only thing that needs to be paid is the postal tax, which is far lower than the tariff. The second major advantage of Daigou is that it can bypass non-tariff barriers. For example, if some Australian products want to enter the country, multiple audits are required. For example, if you want to get certified health care products in Australia, it will cost 8 Australian dollars, and it will take two years, and China's product review is becoming more and more stringent. And Daigou can just bypass this review barrier by mail. Even if the price advantage is lost in the future, this kind of review barriers can still make Daigou support for a long time.

If there is no JD, will the business of Daigou be easier?


In fact, purchasing this big cake is a temptation for many people who love business. What's more, JD is not the only major Chinese e-commerce company. Don't forget, there is also Alibaba. Ms. Mo Daiqing, director of the Online Retail Department of the China E-commerce Research Center, said that compared to JD.com, Alibaba, a rising star, has a more open e-commerce ecosystem and will attract more Australian businesses to open stores on Tmall and Taobao. So this will replace Daigou as a more popular way for consumers. But because Alibaba does not have exclusive logistics, it may share supply channels with private daigou or JD.com. Judging by Jack Ma's popularity and financial resources, it is unknown whether JD.com or Alibaba will become the bigger competitor of Daigou.

Summary: Professor Shi is right, and Ms. Mo is right. However, Daigou has two advantages, that is, the customer group that has been developed and the level of understanding of domestic customer needs. Although large-scale e-commerce companies are unstoppable, it is inevitable that they are somewhat overlooked in terms of product details and consumers' real needs. The private agent can make up for the shortcomings of e-commerce. Regardless of whether e-commerce and purchasing agents cooperate or maintain a competitive relationship, the free market economy will give a reasonable explanation. But the most important thing is to allow consumers to use genuine Australian products.

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