it's time! Break the ceiling on the head of the Chinese! The third national meeting of the Aohua Community was held in September‏

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The third national meeting of the 2015 Australia China Community Council National Conference will be held in Melbourne on Saturday, September 2015, 9.

The locations are as follows:
RMIT University, Lecture Hall 445, 80st Floor, Teaching Building 1, 2 Swanston Street

Theme: "Break the Bamboo Ceiling Phenomenon"

The Chinese in Australia have made important contributions to the prosperity and development of Australia. The Chinese have a long history in Australia and are the largest ethnic minority group. However, compared with other smaller, established ethnic communities, why are there few ethnic Chinese who have become the upper echelons of institutions such as government, politics, judicial systems, business groups, and public groups?

Is there such a bamboo ceiling that prevents the Chinese in Australia from achieving their due leadership? Nowadays, the number of Chinese youths seeking better development in various fields is increasing day by day, and this bamboo ceiling is like a glow to the Chinese community.

The national conference on "Breaking the Bamboo Ceiling Phenomenon" in this field hopes to explore the root of the problem in depth and find possible answers to this phenomenon. Therefore, the conference will be dedicated to seeking information, insights and professional opinions from all parties to promote "breaking the bamboo ceiling phenomenon."

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