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Pre-editor: There are many reds. Liu Qiangdong and his JD Group have been pushed to the forefront by the media time and again in recent years. Many negative news is about the sale of fake goods on JD.com. For Qiangdong's remarks about JD not selling fakes, this is undoubtedly slapped again and again. However, the road to achieving dreams is full of doubts and bumps. The tenacious JD has now stepped out of the country with doubts, and has also entered the supermarket to become a supermarket giant. This trend is just like the history of aggression and colonization of the empire that never sets. No matter where JD.com goes, competition is indispensable. However, all healthy competition is based on fairness. And Liu Qiangdong recently said that 90% of the purchasing agents are fake, which undoubtedly violates the principle of fair market competition. This kind of defamation without facts has greatly reduced the credibility of JD.com. What's more, it was recently disclosed on the Internet that Liu Qiangdong was the sixth largest shareholder of Mai Gao Dairy, the parent company of "Deyun Milk Powder". It seems that Liu Qiangdong's use of words to suppress Daigou is suspected of the monopoly of his Jingdong Empire. More importantly, is the quality of milk powder sold to consumers reliable for a huge merchant that has sold fake products many times?


This is how things are. A few days ago, Liu Qiangdong claimed that "90% of online shopping agents are fake" and that "personal agents can survive because the agents are gray, tax-evading and illegal." First of all, it is not very domestic. Understanding consumers in the purchasing agent industry, Liu Qiangdong's remarks are inevitably misleading. Second, this kind of direct inter-industry attack is inevitably lacking factual basis, and some are suspected of malicious competition. If Liu Qiangdong’s remarks are aimed at certain large companies, this kind of attack is quite excusable. Because it's like Apple and Samsung suing each other for copyright issues. The torn between big companies is the same heavyweight competition. However, the head of such a large company has verbally suppressed Xiaoxiao Daigou. I'm afraid this is a bit bullying, right? So, why did Liu Qiangdong do this? Some evidences on the Internet give partial answers and "conspiracy" hidden behind them.

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The picture above shows the list of major shareholders of Maigao Dairy. Among them, JD COM INC ranks sixth, holding 9,523,809 shares, accounting for 4.55% of the total shares.

Analyzing the emperor is here: Since Liu Qiangdong has established the "Australia Store" of Jingdong Mall, it means that Jingdong will inevitably face market competition from purchasing agents. So what do these competitions include? Presumably milk powder is a big market. After all, since the Sanlu milk powder incident, some Chinese consumers have lost confidence in the quality of Chinese milk powder, and have begun to favor overseas milk powder. Australia, as a good source of milk, has naturally become a favorite among Chinese consumers and also a representative of Australian products. As the sixth largest shareholder of Maigao Dairy, JD.com holds 4.55% of the shares, which shows that JD.com also values ​​the milk powder market. The milk powder market is one of the main battlefields for purchasing agents. Therefore, Liu Qiangdong's remarks to suppress the purchasing agents are strongly suspected of monopolizing the milk powder market by running on the purchasing agents.

However, market competition is inevitable. But the prerequisite for competition is fairness. It is not good to use the big to bully the small. Although, bullying the small with the big is just a matter of love. However, it is a big taboo in business to use fakes and fakes, and it is also a very serious problem for society and consumers.

JD.com can go to a monopoly, but the monopoly must convince consumers and peers. However, Jingdong does not seem to be doing well.

Now let’s take a look at the history of JD.com suspected of selling counterfeit goods:

  1. On June 6 this year, shortly after Liu Qiangdong opened the JD.com Australia store, it appeared that JD.com was suspected of using the brand of Chemist Warehouse, Australia's largest pharmacy, to sell Australian goods.
  2. On July 2014, 7, ExxonMobil (China) issued a statement on the sale of counterfeit motor oil in China.
  3. In June 2014, JD WeChat Mall publicly sold parallel iPhone 6s. Although the two incidents in 4 were claimed by JD.com by a third party, they at least reflected the huge loopholes in JD.com’s management.
  4. During the store celebration promotion in June 2013, the Keyan products sold by JD received complaints from consumers, and Keyan officially stated that it did not authorize the product.
  5. In 2011, KIEHL stated that it did not authorize the product on JD.com.

The suspected sale of counterfeit goods on JD.com is not once or twice. It has almost become a piece of history. And at the same time as going abroad, the unauthorized merchandise was sold on the market again. Not to mention whether this has been playing a side ball with commercial law. This behavior itself caused the company's low credibility. JD.com has a huge consumer base, and it is undeniable that its business operations are excellent. However, it is not possible to deceive consumers by relying on the huge advantages of the Chinese market and the lack of information on overseas products for Chinese consumers. Now that JD.com seems to have entered the Australian milk powder industry, it is very doubtful whether the repeated incidents of JD.com counterfeit goods can make consumers drink assured milk powder. What's more, Liu Qiangdong's verbal suppression of Daigou revealed invisibly unfair market competition and slander. Are businesses that care too much about the market and ignore consumers themselves as qualified businesses?

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