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Not to mention the problem of Myki card vulnerabilities and deductions. If you accidentally lose it without registration, the recharge money and even the monthly pass limit will be gone. . Today, the editor will teach you how to get a new myki card, so you don’t have to worry about losing things again, regardless of pass or money. !

XNUMX. First you need to register the Myki Card you are using

Step 1 Fill in Myki & personal information (1min)



Step 2 Fill in the user name, e-mail address, and security prompt questions (1min)

Step 3 Small partners who have completed the registration will receive a confirmed letter from PTV

So, how do I report the loss of Myki card after registration? ? ? ?

XNUMX. Report the loss of Myki Card


method 1 Report loss by phone (2 min)

(Recommendation index five stars!!!)

Step 1 Dial the PTV service number: 1800 800 007 (you can dial from 12 am to XNUMX midnight~)

Step 2 Tell PTV staff that your card'lost' needs a replacement card

Step 3 The PTV operator will ask you for card number and other information

Step 4 After reporting the loss, you will receive an email from PTV, including your application number, etc.

method 2 Report loss to PTV Hub (3-4 min)

Step 1 Go to any PTV Hub


Opening hours:

Monday to Friday: 7am – 7pm,

Saturday and Sunday: 9am – 6pm


Step 2 Tell PTV staff that your card'lost' needs a replacement card

Step 3 Provide proof of identity to prove that you are the cardholder

eg passport, student ID, driving license...

Step 4 Report the loss successfully~~~

Method 3: Mail Replacement application

Step 1: Fill in the identity information, Myki card information, and reason for replacement on the Internet


Step 2: Print the application form and mail it to PTV

Address: myki Mailbox, Reply Paid 4318, Melbourne, Victoria 8060

Then, you can quietly wait for the arrival of the replacement card~~ Usually it will be sent within 10 working days, but my experience tells you that it will arrive in half three to four days, which is very efficient~ BUT! In the process of waiting for the new card, friends still need to buy a temporary card to prevent ticket checking!



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