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In the 2015-2016 fiscal year, Australia's total immigration quota is 19, of which 128550 skilled immigration quotas (including business immigration, Australian employer guarantees, independent skilled immigration, etc.) account for about 68%, and family reunion immigration quotas are about 57400, accounting for 30% about. At that time, the Australian government will also simplify the skilled migration program and historical visa program to improve the efficiency of visa approval.

It can be seen that in the new fiscal year, Australia’s immigration quota is still abundant, for immigrants who suffer from insufficient qualifications or insufficient assets.StillRich choice.

Employer guarantees become popular

Compared with other immigration projects, Australian employer sponsored immigrants with relatively simple document requirements, fast approval time, and low application thresholds are welcomed by many immigrants. Guanfeng immigration experts pointed out that at present, there are three main forms of employer-sponsored immigration in Australia, 186 employer-sponsored immigration in Australia, employer-sponsored immigration in 187 remote areas in Australia, and 457 employer-sponsored work immigration in Australia. It is the preferred immigration route for those under the age of 50, who have relevant academic qualifications and a foundation in English, especially those returning from studying abroad.

1. 186 visa

First, let’s look at Australia’s 186 employer sponsored immigration, which means that the applicant can obtain an Australian employer’s nomination by virtue of his professional skills and rich work experience, thereby further obtaining an Australian permanent residence visa. This type of immigrant visa does not need to be scored. The applicant meets the basic requirements and is engaged in any position in Australia’s “Uniform Sponsorship Occupation List”. At the same time, if an employer who meets the guarantee conditions is willing to hire the applicant, the applicant can include the spouse and children In their own application, apply for an Australian employer sponsored immigrant visa together.

2. 187 visa

The second is the sponsored immigration of Australian employers in 187 remote areas of Australia. It was established by the Australian government to provide Australian employers with the opportunity to introduce high-tech talents from overseas when the local labor market is scarce. Applicants are nominated by Australian employers based on their professional skills and rich work experience to obtain a permanent residence visa in Australia. This type of visa is more suitable for people with good English proficiency, college degree or above and rich work experience, and the elite of the workplace cannot miss it.

3. 457 visa

Finally, Australia 457 employer sponsored work immigration, which is a temporary work visa (valid for 4 years). After working in Australia for two years, holders of this visa can apply for employer sponsored immigration visas of 186 and 187 categories. In addition, since July 2012, 7, the Australian Immigration Bureau has also set up a special channel for 1 visas, which provides a more convenient way for applicants to transfer to permanent residence.

In summary, it is not difficult to see that Australian employer sponsored immigrants are more suitable for career elites.
Immigration experts here added: At present, the immigration policies of various countries are gradually tightening. High language requirements, high education requirements, and high asset requirements have further promoted the trend of Australian investment immigration. In contrast, employer guarantee application conditions are lower and the application success rate is also higher.
At the same time, the Immigration Bureau will try its best to ensure that these applicants can successfully obtain permanent resident status in Australia. This is an important reason why Australian employer sponsored immigration can attract many applicants.

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