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In recent years, more and more students have chosen to study in Australia. A large part of these students hope to take root permanently in Australia through studying abroad.

Generally speaking, the immigration of international students is mainly through skilled immigration. So, what are the grading standards and requirements for skilled immigration for international students?(This article continues from the previous article)

XNUMX. Professional year (professional year)

This bonus is divided into 5 points. Applicants need to complete the one-year immigration vocational training program (professional year) approved by the Minister of Immigration (within 4 years before receiving the immigration invitation).

XNUMX. State/Territory government nomination (state/region government guarantee)

Applicants who apply for a 190 visa can receive 5 points if they are guaranteed by the government of a certain state or region in Australia. This bonus does not apply to 189 visa applications.

XNUMX. Sponsorship by family or state or territory government to regional Australia

State/region government guarantee or relative guarantee (remote areas)

Applicants who apply for the 489 visa, if they have state/regional government guarantees or relative guarantees, they can get 10 points. This bonus does not apply to 189 and 190 visa applications.

XNUMX. Regional Australia Study (study in remote areas)

Australia's remote areas or cities with low population growth include: Victoria (except Melbourne), all of South Australia, all of Northland, all of Tasmania, Queensland (except of Brisbane and Gold Coast), Western Australia (Except Perth), New South Wales (except Sydney, Newcastle, Central Coast and Wollongong).

The prerequisite for this bonus is that the applicant meets the "two years of study in Australia" requirement, and the applicant's school is located in a remote area or a city with low population growth; the bonus is 5 points.

XNUMX.Community language (Community language)

Applicants who pass NAATI's quasi-professional translation certification (both written and interpreting) can get 5 points for community language.

XNUMX. Partner skills (spouse skills)

For applicants to get 5 points for spouse skills, their spouse must meet the following 4 conditions:

a.On the date of submission of the immigrant visa application, under the age of 50

b.Before submitting the immigrant visa application, obtain a score of no less than 6 in all four IELTS items, and the test date for obtaining the IELTS score is within two years of the date of submitting the immigrant visa.

Academic IELTS or immigration IELTS scores are both recognized

c.The nominated profession has been evaluated by the relevant Australian accreditation agency (the nominated profession is in the same SOL as the main applicant)

d.Have not less than 24 months of work experience in the past 12 months before submitting the immigration application (the occupation is on the Australian Skilled Occupation List, and the working hours are not less than 20 hours of paid work per week) ; Or meet the Australian two-year study requirement.

By the end of this article, all the detailed rules for the grading of skilled immigration for international students have been introduced, and the students who are interested can make targeted improvements from now on.

The article is reproduced from "Australia-China Business and Cultural Exchange Center"


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