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Victorian Planning Director Richard Wynne said that those living in the suburbs of Melbourne should not have fewer development opportunities than those living in the city centre or mid-range suburbs.

On Thursday, the Victorian Andrews government released the "Victoria in Future" (Victoria in Future). Relevant statistics show that in the next 30 years, the number of overseas immigrants will reach 270 million, becoming the main force of population growth.


By then, the population of the Melbourne area will rise to about 800 million. By 2051, the total population of Victoria will be close to 1000 million. Although the number of people in Victoria has risen by 220 million, the Melbourne area will become the main focus, with its number rising from 440 million to around 780 million.

At the same time, the report also revealed that of the five fastest-growing communities in Victoria, four are located in suburban Melbourne: Wyndham, Casey, Whittlesea and Melton. The number of people in these areas will increase by 5 or more. It is worth mentioning that the birth rate in the Wyndham area remains high, with 4 newborns being born every week.

However, the lower housing prices in Melbourne's suburbs have a faster population growth, which has caused people to worry about more social problems in these areas. For example, suburban residents get less employment opportunities because they are far from the city center.


In this regard, Wayne pointed out in a meeting on how to solve the problem of Melbourne’s population development (with the topic “How to solve 800 million people”) that the Victorian government has the responsibility and obligation to deal with the society brought about by the rapid population growth in Melbourne. The problem is to ensure that the planning decision can enable the people in the suburbs of Melbourne to have a good traffic and infrastructure environment.

"Whether they were born in the suburbs or in the inner city, this should not have a long-term and significant impact on people's chances in life." Wyan said at the meeting, "In Melbourne, we don't want to see the rich at any time. Due to convenient transportation and high-quality municipal services, our industrial workers have to live in the suburbs and suffer from long commutes every day. This phenomenon should not happen. "In order to solve related problems, Melbourne should move towards a multicultural, Development in the direction of an inclusive community.


Wayne also issued a warning that in order to avoid the intensification of uneven urban and rural development, more residential buildings should be built closer to Melbourne's work and service areas, and the transportation infrastructure needs to connect people with the main community.

News compiled from "Times"


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