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Australia's new regulations

In 2015, new traffic regulations have been introduced, and many previously disapproving violations have now begun to deduct points! What's more serious is that the fines for various violations have also been increased. Friends need to drive carefully when traveling. The editor below takes you to take a look at the specific content of the new traffic regulations.

School Zone

There are several situations in School Zone:

1. Violation of No Stopping/No Standing-$311 fine, 2 points deducted

Requirements: No parking is allowed at any time, unless there is an emergency.

2. Violation of No Parking-$173 fine and 2 points deducted

Requirements: The parking time cannot exceed 2 minutes or the time indicated on the sign, and the driver must be in the car or within three meters.parking169

3. Violation of disabled parking regulations-a fine of $519 and 1 point deduction


4. Parking on the sidewalk-$415 fine, 2 points deducted


5、超速——full licence罚款$182至$2400,扣2-7分

L, Red P, Green P fined $182 to $2400, with 5-7 points deducted


6. Parking violation in Loading Zone-$104 fine

Loading Zone

7. BUS Zone, Children Crossing, human-shaped zebra crossing parking or parking near these places are also not allowed

Bus Zone

traffic light

Running a red light-$519 fine, 4 points deducted!

A couple of traffic lights installations with the red ones turned on and the green and yellow off captured against a blue sky with several white clouds scattered over.

Mobile phone and other electronic products

Using electronic products while driving-$415 fine and 4 points deduction

Asian man texting while driving

Requirements: Neither the driver nor the co-pilot can use electronic products, but they can use a stand or Bluetooth.

PS: Do not touch the phone with your hands. For non-Full Licence friends, Bluetooth and cradle are not acceptable.

Roundabout specification

You don’t need to enter the turntable and just hit which direction you want to go. There are many situations:

1. Enter the turntable and go straight-turn left before exiting the turntable

2. Enter the turntable and turn right-turn on the right light first, turn left before exiting the turntable

3. Enter the turntable and turn left-keep turning left light

Tips: A careful friend will definitely find that as long as you turn on the left light before leaving the turntable, it will be OK

The above are all regulations and penalties in the School Zone. Although driving is cool, you must pay attention to driving safety and be responsible for yourself and others! Finally, I wish everyone can stay away from the ticket ~ standard driving

The article is reproduced from "Australian International Student Service Center"


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