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Australia has developed agriculture and animal husbandry, and the quality of Australian dairy products has always been the world's leading level. However, since fresh milk cannot be mailed, in the era of national purchasing, Australian milk powder can be said to be popular all over the world. Australian businesses are also looking at the right time to enter the milk powder industry. For a time, there are endless brands of adult bagged milk powder on the Australian market. Today, I will introduce to you 6 types of milk powder in Australia!

What is adult milk? Fresh milk? Long-lived milk?

Adult milk:It is the milk that can be taken by 3 years old and above. When the infant drinking formula milk is over, it can drink adult milk.

Fresh milk:Fresh Milk, is fresh milk, the shelf life is only about 3 days, it must be kept refrigerated

Long-life milk:Long-life Milk is milk with added preservatives. The shelf life is about one year. Basically, the domestic milk is long-life milk, which does not need to be stored in refrigeration, and can be stored at room temperature.

Full fat? Skim?

Generally, adult milk powder in bags on the market is divided into two types: whole milk and skimmed milk. The difference can be seen literally-

Whole milk powderThat is, milk powder contains fat content, which is suitable for young people who need supplementary nutrition and are developing;

Skimmed milk means that the fat is separated from the fresh milk during processing. When skimmed milk powder is removed fat, its fat-soluble vitamins will also be correspondingly lost. Therefore, many skimmed milk powders have additional vitamins added. It is more suitable for women who love beauty and the elderly with high blood fat.

The nutritional value and absorption of the two milk powders are the same. Which type to choose, the key is to look at personal physique and needs~

1. Australia Deyun milk powder


Deyun milk powder originated in Melbourne, Australia, and has milk sources in Victoria. Once invited Prime Minister Albert to have a drink, the Prime Minister’s praise made him become famous overnight and became everyone’s favorite for a while. It is common to be snatched in the Australian market and out of stock. Milk powder packaging is so-so-like dripping ~ it will crust milky skin, the price is proportional to word of mouth, it is difficult to import domestic long-lived milk after drinking it. . .

Some people say: A bag of Australian German milk powder = 40 boxes of Deluxe! Indeed, a bag of Deyun can brew 10 liters of pure milk. Although it is 99.9% skimmed milk, it reduces the absorption of fat without affecting the taste; the milk does not contain any additives or preservatives; it is made with ultra-high temperature treatment and sealing technology; it is more suitable for women who love beauty and the elderly with high blood fat. , You can get the nutrition of milk without worrying about fat.

2. Milk powder produced by Woolworths or Coles in Australia's large supermarkets

Coles and Woolworths are two giant supermarket chains in Australia, with retail stores located in every corner of every city in Australia. They are competitors to each other, so the quality and price of their own milk powder are also comparable

The own-brand dairy products sold in Woolworth and Coles supermarkets, including fresh milk, boxed liquid milk, cheese, milk powder, etc., are all produced and produced by their own exclusive farm suppliers.

The quality is linked to the milk quality of the supplier’s cows. Because the production of boxed liquid milk, the extraction of cheese, and the production of milk powder are all completed in one-stop production, the production cost of milk powder is lower, and the price is much lower than that of non-supermarket brand milk powder. And because cheese has higher requirements for milk quality, suppliers usually use higher-quality milk for making cheese, and the rest for making milk powder.Therefore, supermarkets’ own-brand milk powder will have a slightly poorer taste than the brand that specializes in milk powder, and the milk flavor is not as mellow.

Local Australians are more inclined to purchase Woolworth and Coles' own brand milk powder to make cakes and biscuits.

3. Aldi supermarket own milk powder
Farmdale milk powder in bags is definitely the most popular product in Aldi supermarket. This milk powder tastes more mellow. Aldi's other home-made products may not be as popular as Woolworth and Coles, but Farmdale milk powder has a tendency to counterattack.

It is also an exclusive supplier, but the taste is more mellow, and there is a more detailed product description on the back of the package. Whether it is whole milk powder or skimmed milk powder, there is a small tutorial behind the Farmdale package to teach you how to use its milk powder to make cakes and other Western pastries.

Instead of going to Woolworth and Coles to buy their own milk powder in bags, locals are more willing to go to Aldi to buy Farmdale.

4.A2 adult milk powder
a2 adult 1The well-known a2, which is derived from genetically pure New Zealand, has also followed the market trend and started the business of packaged milk powder in recent years. a2 milk has the world's exclusive a2 source milk formula, which has always been known as the "Hermes" milk powder, which is more conducive to health.

5.Caprilac goat milk powder


436_P_1429174673422Caprilac is also a very popular brand in recent years. Specializing in the production of goat milk powder, it is also the only goat milk powder brand in Australia. It is rich in high milk calcium, high protein and a variety of minerals, adopts international advanced technology to remove the mutton taste, and contains A2 casein. The company has its own goat milk production base to ensure 5000% high-quality milk. The annual output is only XNUMX bags, so the price is high and it is difficult to buy~~


6.Cowala Koala Bear


152_P_1435720207652This milk powder is a New Zealand milk source, the same as the milk source for baby milk powder! The packaging has a halal logo for Muslims. It has a strong milk flavor, a mellow taste and comprehensive nutrition. It is rich in iron, vitamin C, vitamin D and other nutrients that can help people improve their immunity.

But the milk taste is slightly inferior to Deyun, not as mellow, and has milky skin. Wins in price concessions.



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