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According to the "Australian Financial Review" report, China's anti-corruption trend is strong, Australia's gambling industry and red wine exports and the world's luxury brands have been affected.

Since Chinese President Xi Jinping came to power in November 2012, Chinese officials have strictly prohibited consumption of luxury goods, first class, gambling in casinos, staying in five-star hotels and banquets.

The VIP gambling revenue of Australia's wealthy James Packer Macau casino has also declined and is expected to drop by US$16 billion by the end of this year. Little Parker said: "The performance of Macau's gaming industry has declined significantly, and it is more serious than expected."


在2014年11月,澳门的中国大陆来澳旅游收入增幅为28%,但在2015年1月下降了1%、赌博业在2015年1月和2月与去年同期相比分别下降了17%和49%。而奢侈品牌零售业,如路易威登(Louis Vuitton)、香奈儿(Chanel)、宝格丽(Bvlgari)及普拉达(Prada)则下降了40%。

Luxury brand retailer Patricia Cheong said that the luxury brand industry must change, "prices have to come down because there are fewer and fewer customers."
In response, Little Parker said in May this year: “For me, an Australian businessman investing in China, it is difficult to say that anti-corruption is not good, but we don’t know how long the anti-corruption trend will continue.”

News compiled from "Australian Financial Review"


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