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As a cat, you have to deal with all kinds of strange weather conditions. The troublesome weather a while ago has finally disappeared. Many friends are complaining about this kind of weather and can't play well! The editor also suffers from it. Today, I will help you count the various indoor activities in Melbourne. When the weather is bad, please automatically open this kit to use!

Indoor Sports



The weather is bad, and people’s mood is also easily affected. If you want to get rid of your worries, how about letting your feet leave the ground to jump? Remember the trampoline when you were a kid? You can also find a childhood trampoline in Melbourne! Whether it's windy or rainy outside, I can jump around in a good mood. Don't care about the image here, everyone is here to jump!


There are trampolines on the walls here, dare you to make a big slam dunk!

Bounce Inc.


Essendon Store:

Hangar 4, 236 Wirraway Rd, Essendon Fields VIC 3041

Glen Iris Store:

2 Weir Street, Glen Iris VIC 3146

Blackburn store:

22 Joseph Street, Blackburn North Vic 3130




When it is windy and raining outside, it is also a good choice to practice yoga under the shelter of the roof. Sweating and detoxification do not necessarily require vigorous exercise. Try to do seemingly simple movements with your yoga teacher. You can burn a lot of calories if you stick to it! When you practice most yoga classes, you usually sweat, and toxins from the body can be excreted through the skin. In class, you can also practice deep breathing techniques. At this time, the heart rate will increase, which will help promote blood circulation. In addition, you can massage and stimulate some organs with detox function through twisting and bending postures. There are many yoga studios in Melbourne. This MOVE Yoga is located in the city center with convenient transportation. It is a "gym" for many white-collar workers after get off work. Introductory, intermediate, and advanced class teachers bring students of different levels.




Level 1,335 Flinders Lane, Melbourne 3000


Bubble Soccer


Bubble football is a new sports method, which can be said to be a perfect combination of ordinary football and rolling ball. This new gameplay was created by Henrik Elvestad and Johan Golden. These two weird guys felt that if football players were wrapped in a plastic transparent space ball, football would become more fun. Melbourne box hill has a gym that provides indoor bubble football facilities. Are you guys ready to turn into fleshy footballs?

Box Hill Indoor Sports Center

9 Clarice Road, Box Hill, Victoria, 3128



Indoor Market

Craft Hatch


Melbourne, a city with a strong artistic atmosphere, feels like being surrounded by art when you walk into a small shop. Every small object is made with care and cuteness. When the weather is bad, we can also meet up with friends to visit the exhibitions of local designers. Is it more heart-warming to make unique artworks by hand? In August, Craft Hatch will put its exhibits on display in the 8 Pound Bend cafe. What kind of sparks will the artist's handicraft and Melbourne's coffee smell have?

1000 Pound Bend

361 Little Lonsdale St, Melbourne VIC 3000


So:me Space

The South Melbourne Market is a popular place for locals and tourists alike. Locals love to buy fresh fruits and vegetables here, and tourists prefer the delicious food and local culture here. The shops in the South Melbourne Market are all indoors, so no matter the weather, you can meet people walking comfortably here. Some of them stayed in front of an art shop with the ingredients for tonight's dinner in their hands, or just came to the market to stroll around and see this lively city market. so:me space is located in the center of the South Melbourne market, and specializes in the creative designs of some local designers. Some are practical, some are just the artist's whimsy. Come to the South Melbourne Market, don’t miss this special shop!


So:me Space

322-326 Coventry St, South Melbourne VIC 3205

(03) 9209 6295


Fancy Sweet

Hopetoun Tea Room


Hopetoun Tea Room, founded in 1892, is a well-known century-old store in Melbourne. After two centuries of glitz, although it has changed hands many times, its desserts still retain the original taste. The editor often stops in front of its home window, watching the art-like pastries behind the glass, swallowing secretly. The decoration of its home is retro and luxurious, but it is so restrained and elegant, without showing any publicity, as if quietly telling its past. There are always long queues at the door, but delicious cake desserts such as Cheesecake, Chocolate cake, Lemon Tart, etc. will always hold people firmly, and they are reluctant to move. I believe it is the dream of many girls to own such a dessert shop.

Address: 282 Collins St, Melbourne VIC

Phone: 03 9650 2777


Chez Dre

I met Chez Dre for the first time because it was on the Brunch list I wanted to go to, and I accidentally encountered this style of dessert-French dessert. France is the birthplace and cradle of desserts, and now French desserts are even more of a guide for dessert fashion. The Chez Dre, run by Andrea Reiss, a pastry chef from a French three-star Michelin restaurant, and his partner Sam, introduced this elegant and exquisite cuisine to the people of Melbourne. The restaurant hidden in the alley is a factory-style building with exposed brick walls, but what everyone can enjoy is a palace-level gourmet experience. Recommend its tart, butter cake, macarons.

Address: 287 Coventry St (rear) South Melbourne, VIC

Phone: 03 9690 2688


Le Petit Gateau's


Its chief pastry chef Perrick Boyer has won awards as early as 1996 and has extensive international experience. He is good at using modern and simple techniques to interpret original recipes. The desserts he created are fresh and unique, suitable for various occasions and can meet the needs of various tastes. Through the transparent glass, when you see the process of making these desserts with your own eyes, the indescribable complex taste can be understood. Recommend its Brownie and Passionfruit Chocolate Gateau and matcha mousse cake.

Address: 458 Little Collins St Melbourne

Phone: 03 9944 8893


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