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Melbourne, which has been writing for so long, really took the time of a painting, a piece of text, from the streets and alleys, to the niche galleries, to the weekend markets, and those trams that shuttle through the city, those who are unrestrained The graffiti on the street corners, Melbourne shows its colorfulness from every side. With so many scenery, which is the most beautiful and moving, in fact, these elements, whether it is streets, alleys, arcades, or art Restaurants, coffee shops, and weekend markets are all indispensable parts of this city, but they are just carriers of different forms, not the protagonist of this city. It is this city that really makes all this alive. People in the city, the most beautiful scenery in Melbourne is the people in this city.

Streets and alleys need people to come and go, galleries and graffiti need people to create. Markets and trams, coffee shops and bars are places where people gather, communicate, talk and talk about love, everything in this city cannot No one, no one's scenery is always empty, no matter how many narrations are boring and weak, people are the most important scenery.


In the city of Melbourne, there is another group of people. They are the most active part of the scenery. They take the initiative to show themselves to pedestrians and tourists, and also show the infinite charm of the city. They are the street performers in Melbourne. When you come to this city, you may not have time to visit those cafes, galleries or markets and bars one by one, but as long as you walk on the street, you can’t miss them. They have eighteen martial arts in Melbourne. Downtown, singing, dancing, playing piano, and painting.

Many of them will put their own piano cases or hats in front of them for passers-by to throw coins, but they are not beggars in the eyes of the Chinese people. Some of them are unfettered artists who show their extraordinary talents to the world. Some are white-collar workers with formal jobs. They use their time after work to develop hobbies that they don’t want to be unfamiliar with their busy work. Some are children with immature smiles who practice the songs they have learned for a long time in front of passers-by, which not only exercise skills but also It is to learn to avoid stage fright. There are backpackers who travel thousands of miles to use their skills to earn enough travel expenses in a city, and then continue to go to the next destination. There are also independent bands traveling the world in the downtown area. Play original songs in battle, while selling original CDs, and possibly promoting them at local small concerts. Some of them, electronic organs, even pianos, guitars, bass, mobile power, tuning equipment and speakers, each All of them are expensive. Most of them are not forced by life when they take to the streets. In this inclusive city, they show their individuality and win the applause of others. Apart from applause, it doesn't matter if they vote one or two completely voluntarily. The coins are our way of affirming and approving them. 


They appeared in downtown Swanston Street (Swanston Street), Bourke Street Mall (Bourke Street Mall), Chinatown, Federation Square (Federation Square), State Library (State Library), National Gallery of Victoria ( Before the National Gallery of Victoria, travel on the Princes Bridge, outside Flinders Station, and appear in every urban area or like Camberwell, St Kilda ( St Kilda, Prahan, Rose Street and other lively markets around the city, they are everywhere. They are mobile landscapes, mobile art galleries and concert halls. Light up the brilliant lights of the city of Melbourne.


They have different backgrounds, different experiences, different skin colors, and different stories. They do not necessarily live in Melbourne. Some of them come to live from their hometowns, and some just use Melbourne as a stop on their journey to the world. Use their own methods to tell stories brought from elsewhere to us in this city, and then bring our stories to tell strangers in the next city.


In the early summer of two years ago, after returning from a long journey on the east coast, I started to observe the city in which I lived with the feeling of travel. It took nearly a month to film and complete "You Lightened the City" about Melbourne street performers. The topic of "You light up the city" is called "You light up the city" because I think they make the city more vibrant and exciting. It’s a coincidence that it happened to be the Melbourne Municipality to carry out activities and let the people vote for " Melbourne’s best street performer", so those street performers work harder and appear more often.


During the filming process, I was very impressed by a few. One of them was a little white boy named Daniel Shaw. They were in the battle with the whole family. The old man was in charge of the sound equipment and the tuning of musical instruments. The younger ones should It’s a younger sister who is responsible for selling his original CDs, and he is a small artist with electronic organ, guitar and all-round singing. Before he sings a song, he will tell everyone the story behind the song he wrote, some of which are his father. He took him to other countries, met other musicians, and wrote songs during his travels. Every time he sang forgiveness, many passersby stopped and listened. The sound was like a natural sound, and the lingering sound came around. He sometimes closed his eyes. Singing intently. When I opened my eyes, my blue eyes resembled the clear ocean of the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. While lamenting him, I wanted to watch him quietly and sing the same focused tune of speakers and instruments. It's more enviable.

Another one who was deeply impressed was a Shanghai boy who always played the electronic organ near Chinatown. The first time he stopped by his piano sound was when he played my favorite song "Fairy Tale". During his worrying days Many times I passed by Chinatown and if I heard this song, I would listen to it before leaving, and then I would go and chat while he was resting. He was still well-known in the circle of Chinese students studying abroad. He was called "Sad Metro" on Weibo. It is also an old song of MUJI that I love, so many people call him "Metro Man". He usually works. Once I saw him working in a Sichuan restaurant, and he started working in the city after work. Ou plays the piano, black-rimmed glasses, thin and tall body, not much talk, often there is a person playing the piano quietly, they are all familiar songs, but with his own interpretation, I bought two of his albums , To be honest, you can see many young people from Taiwan in the urban area. They can apply for working holiday visas to come to Australia while working while traveling. There are only a handful of street performers in mainland China. He was one of them. At that time, some young people in Melbourne He was interviewed in the video program for Chinese students abroad, and he was also not understood by some compatriots who came to study abroad, but he played the piano there very quietly. Every chord was refreshing. He returned to China in the middle of this year. Here I wish him again, because those piano notes still "exist in our deep minds."
There is also a very impressive Japanese group of one man and one woman, called "East Meet West", named "East Meet West". The female is holding a ponytail, wearing Japanese national costumes, and playing a similar Chinese called "Shamisen". The three-stringed harp, the man with a beard, dressed as a cowboy, sometimes plays a guitar, sometimes plays a harmonica, and sometimes puts another refitted guitar across his lap, flicking like a guqin, two The division of labor cooperates with each other to interpret a fast-paced tune that is a bit rustic and a bit rock and roll. The culture of the Japanese nation has always been "usedism" combined with the integration of local culture. Now they are also the most active foreign cultural export in the Eastern culture. A country with cultural integration can be seen from the Japanese cuisine that perfectly combines with Western food in Australia. This combination has also been featured on the screen by Australia’s local talent show. This is the case in Australia. It is XNUMX% in culture and art. You can not only hear English songs on the street, but you can also hear moving tunes in Japanese, Mandarin and Cantonese. You can see people playing electronic piano and guitar, as well as clarinet and guzheng.
Melbourne is the city with the densest number of street performers in Australia. It should also be the most friendly city to street performers. Many people will stop and listen to a song or watch a performance as if there is nothing important to do. The sight of three and three floors surrounded by streets is rare in Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide and other cities. Some of these street performers sing, some play piano, and some do magic , Some copy huge world-famous paintings on the ground, some sell their own handicrafts, some disguise themselves as sculptures, it is they who turned the city of Melbourne into a big stage, every day there are wonderful performances, they We act fully, and we are not the audience, we live with them on this stage, we can also interpret our own wonderful, each of our smile, each embrace, each greeting, each looking back, is our own script Show me the unforgettable part of the story to yourself and others. 002jd96Fgy6IA1YBGTd7f&690In this beloved city of Melbourne, everyone can have the most beautiful scenery in the city for themselves, whether you have grown up here, have settled down here, or have just come here to study and work, Or just a tourist here, Melbourne is a stage built for you personally, where you can dance your own life. Although Melbourne will not be your only script, you can still win your life. Applause, as long as you have a passionate heart to embrace this stage, you can also use the time of painting your own Melbourne to light up the city in your life memory.002jd96Fgy6IA20BpeS96&690

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