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At about 8 o'clock in the evening on August 12, an explosion occurred in the Tanggu Development Zone of Tianjin City, and the scene burst into flames. The Tianjin 11 Fire Fighting Center confirmed that an explosion occurred in Tanggu Development Zone and is currently organizing emergency rescue personnel.

Several netizens said on Weibo that the explosion occurred in the direction of Donghai Road, Xingang Port, Tanggu District, at Gate XNUMX Gas Station (but some people deny it), “The explosion was so light that you could see mushroom clouds in the Civic Square.” Some people said, “ Like the end of the world".

Another citizen reported that the incident occurred in the Binhai New Area Development Zone. He got up and closed the windows. An air wave directly shattered the glass. The whole building shook and the shock was particularly strong. After that, the mushroom cloud dyed the entire sky. . "There was a big explosion in the direction of Donghai Road in the Tianjin Economic and Technological Development Zone. Several homes in Wantong New City were shaken off. There were huge surfing and flames. The three high-rise buildings in the community were out of power. Everyone was standing outside, so I could hear the glass The sound of falling to the ground." said the netizen @ Yu elephant.

Multiple live videos showed that the scene was full of flames, and after a strong explosion, a gray-white mushroom cloud tens of meters high instantly rose up. Then the sky above the explosion point was dyed red by fire, and flames splashed around the scene.

At 0:XNUMX this morning, the staff of the Tianjin Economic and Technological Development Zone responded to the Beijing News reporter saying that they initially understood that the incident was located near Tianjin Port, and the exact location is still being understood.

The following are some netizens' comments copied by Tiger Sniff on Weibo:

ColorfulMango:There are fire trucks outside! Don’t drive out to watch the excitement, it’s a bit human and common sense! ! It is said that the warehouse of hazardous chemicals has exploded! I strongly appeal: everyone close the doors and windows, not sure where the explosion is, not sure whether there is harmful gas, everyone should reduce going out, don't join in the fun, and don't cause trouble to rescue! (Help me if I see it!) There was an explosion in Tianjin Port. It was night and the air was drifting inland.

@小朦-mm:Not a gas station! It was an explosion in the Ruihai Dangerous Goods Warehouse in the development zone, erupting a fireball, and causing a second explosion of several enterprises in the development zone! At present, all roads from 12th Street to 4th Street are under martial law! TEDA Hospital is full! Tanggu Hospital is almost full too! Tell each other don't miss the emergency time! May the people be safe!

Belle doesn't want Beast:#天津滨海新区爆炸# This is the city where I have lived for three years. There are many friends and classmates in and around the school. If you can, please help them. The TEDA Hospital is full of people and can’t pick up patients. The injured go to another hospital! ! ! Stopping cars on the road bleeding! Need someone to pull them! Wish you all well

More pictures of the scene of the tragedy will not be posted here. Excuse me late at night. For further details, it is estimated that you will not be able to touch more until the day of August 8.

Let us pray that people around the accident will have as few casualties as possible and Tianjin will have as few losses as possible.

God bless Tianjin.

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