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Look at other people's house, it is so beautiful! I miss my own home too!

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Have you ever had such a dream. The road in front of me is full of sunshine, and I have seen it for ten miles, and it is full of flowers.

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Flowers are on the branches, spring is in my heart. Because there are too many unsatisfactory things in life, so don't disturb this perfect colorful world.

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The afternoon sun is peaceful and warm, everything is beautiful and comfortable. Willing to wait in such a time, hold a cup of tea, and wait for an old friend.

Life is just what it should be, one dream for a year, so peaceful. Even the ingenuity in the corner is also a surprise-maybe you have already met good luck when you walk through this alley.

I hope to walk across the strait quietly in such beautiful years.

The heart is calm, and the face is naturally relaxed! I wish you a happy day!



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