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The main victims of studying abroad. A private high school in Melbourne closed for violating government regulations on the management of international students, and 70 students were forced to transfer to other schools.

The Victorian Registration and Qualification Authority VRQA said the Melbourne Senior Secondary College (MSSC) in Melbourne’s CBD violated several regulations, including failing to ensure the attendance required by international student visas.

VRQA said that the school would require teachers to pass students with poor academic performance, and the financial management of the school is also worrying. The school’s annual income is approximately A$100 million. At the same time, VRQA is also concerned about whether the school has conducted proper eligibility checks for those who manage children under 18 and adults who live with them.

VRQA ordered the school to close on July 7. Their report stated that “if the school continues to operate, it poses an unacceptable risk for students.

"MSSC has been offering courses for grades 11 and 12, mainly for international students. The decision to close the doors was the result of a thorough review in February.

News compiled from "ABC Online"


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