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Do you feel that parking is inconvenient every time you go to the CBD? I was looking for a parking spot all over the street, and I wandered around for half an hour without a spot. . .

If you are parked on the side of the road and need to move the car every few hours, otherwise you are afraid that the evil license officer will post it. FINE is very expensive.

If parking in the parking lot is not cheap. . .

Now, the good news is coming! Blessed are my friends in Melbourne.

From now until September 9, all SECURE PARKING chain parking lots are free of charge all day on weekends and after 30pm on weekdays!

OnlyMelbourne, There is no promotional price if you choose other cities.

What is Secure Parking?


SECURE PARKING has as many as20Multiple parking lots, All over Melbourne CBD and surrounding popular areas!640-445

How to use

Enter link:http://www.secureparking.com.au/

Click Find Parking, select the location, and select the parking date and time.

Then enter the promotional code at checkout: "MFCFREE15"That's it!


usage notice

After booking is completed15Receive a set of digital passwords within minutes, Just in the parking lot

EntranceEnter the password on the electronic screenYou can get in and out.

This promo code is available at9Month30DayBefore using it, don’t the friends in Melbourne feel very happy~? Don't worry about going to HIGH on weekends~~~



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