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Think about it, how many dreams have you given up because of your job? Can I only expect to go to those crowded tourist resorts to see the crowds of people during the holidays?

Today the editor wants to bring you to know a magical CEO, the one in the picture below. His company's annual revenue is close to XNUMX million, but he himself is traveling around the world, come and worship together!


acob Laukaitis, an entrepreneur from Lithuania, is the founder of Chamelenon John.

In this era, everyone hates the life of being able to see death from birth.

As shown in this video:

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Our attitude towards work is the same.

My grandparents are an old couple born in the Soviet Union. Their definition of success is very simple-get a job in one place and work for the rest of your life.

It is very happy for them because they have been staying in their comfort zone. What they pray for is a simple and predictable life: arrive at the office at nine in the morning, then make themselves look busy all day, stay up until five in the afternoon, and then get off work.

A few decades later, our generation is completely different: our generation hates simple and regular life, is fed up with cubicles, and is unwilling to stay in the comfort zone.

Fifty years ago, companies needed their employees to sit down in the office and devote their energy to product development and production. But today, as long as employees can produce good work results, where they work and how long they work each day is actually not a problem.

Therefore, a new group came into being: "remote freelance workers", or "digital wanderers", such as me.

1. Travel the world without failing to work How did I achieve it?

In Chameleon John, a company I co-founded with a friend, "office" is not a necessary option.

This is a website that presents online coupons. It does not need to send any goods, and all business can be completed on the Internet.

So the company’s rule is: As long as employees can do their job well, they can do whatever they want at any time.

So our company-wide employees can work and travel at the same time-they can write columns in Bali, manage business remotely in Barcelona, ​​or serve clients in San Francisco in Singapore.

In the past two years, I have traveled while working. At the same time, my company still maintains an annual revenue of tens of millions.

My daily ▼


On the surface, the absence of employees in the office seems to be a sign of misconduct. They may fly around the world, and often cannot find them when they want to find someone (because people who dive and surf don’t bring mobile phones).

But in fact, people are happiest when they stay where they like and do what they love: if you like surfing, then settle in a small town suitable for surfing; if you like long-distance motorcycle riding, You can travel across Vietnam in six weeks.

2. Don't let the so-called "own" Become your bond

I have maintained this "nomad" life for two years.

In the past two years, I have traveled to 25 countries. I rode a motorcycle across the islands of Thailand and the Philippines, climbed active volcanoes in Indonesia, learned how to surf, and got my deep-sea diving certificate on Gili Island in Australia.

I have been exploring different cultures, and I have also met many unforgettable people. By the way, all my equipment is packed in a backpack (I have been carrying it from school until now).

But being a homeless person in the digital age is not as simple as you think. I once lay in a hostel in Jakarta for three days. I was dehydrated because of a fever of 39 degrees. I also need to make sure that the company is working properly.

But it's all worth it.

People in modern society are all obsessed with the concept of "owning". Dave Ramsay famously described it:

"In this era, people use money that does not belong to them to buy things they don't need, and show off to people they don't like."

"People buy things they don't need with money they don't have to impress people they don't like".

But in fact: your ownership is limiting your freedom-buying a house in one place means you have to settle here.

I have no permanent home for the past two years, and I rarely stay in the same place for a month. But it also means that I can go wherever I want to go anytime. I can fly from Thailand to Japan or Indonesia tomorrow after buying a ticket. I don’t need to spend time selling my things and renting out my apartment before setting off.

It's very simple. I just need to buy a ticket to achieve all this.


Everything around us is slowly changing. AirBnb (short-term rental of houses), Vinted (selling and exchanging old clothes), RelayRides (point-to-point car rental) are becoming more and more popular, and their benefits are diverse: improving us At the same time as the quality of life, it reduces human demand for the environment.

3. 500 employees in 36 countries Office 0 square meters

"Digital Vagrant" has become a trend in today's world.

One cool example I know is MySQL. They succeeded in running a company with remote employees. At its peak, they had 36 employees from 500 countries, and it didn't even have a small office.

The CEO of this company, Marten Mickos, sold the company for a billion dollars in 2008. He told me:

“It’s easy to make yourself seem busy in the office. Just let yourself be between meetings, emails, and coffee. But when you work remotely, you keep asking yourself a question:’ What is the result of this event? How can I accomplish it?'. Not only that, if our company only hires from a certain place (such as New York, San Francisco, or Beijing and Shanghai), we will give up from all countries in the world Excellent talents. Now through the remote collaboration model, we have recruited much more talents than before while saving office rent."

4. After leaving the booth I have 1000 eyes

The grids closed my eyes, but exploration gave me a thousand visions. In Japan, I learned to be less self-conscious and care about the interests of those around me; in Myanmar, I learned that happiness does not depend on the money you have; in Vietnam, I understand the importance of family.

These experiences have greatly affected my values ​​and my way of thinking, as well as my views on work. They help me see the huge commercial potential outside the Western world, and help me create products suitable for material-scarce countries.

For example, I now know that Indonesia is the fourth most populous country in the world, with a population of 2.5 million. However, these hundreds of millions of people are scattered on 17000 islands, creating a huge logistics supply challenge for products entering the Indonesian market.


In Myanmar, I saw a huge consumer market with a population of 6500 million. The internet speed here is very slow and public transportation is basically zero. After decades of military repression, this country is waiting for new changes to occur.

5. There are thousands of lifestyles Why did you choose from nine to five?

Steve Jobs once said:

"As long as you think that you will die eventually, you will feel that you have nothing to lose. You have no reason not to follow your heart."

"Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose. There is no reason not to follow your heart."

This sentence will come to me whenever I am making an important decision. This is why I finally chose to bid farewell to the "XNUMX to XNUMX" office life.

If you have never explored the world, maybe now is the best time to start. You don't need to give up your career, you have thousands of ways to live, there are countless places you haven't been to, and countless things you haven't experienced yet.

If you don't want to fly into the grave quickly from birth, there are obviously many things you can do. Obviously now is the best time.

Even if you can't leave the office, you can think about it: If you can say goodbye to the cubicle, where would you choose to work?

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