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In order to fight the police and anti-Islamic militants, as many as 3000 anti-racists in Melbourne plan to gather in the city centre this Friday (August 8), which is not far from the last large-scale anti-racism outbreak. The demonstrations were less than three weeks old.

According to the "Herald Sun" report, the open space outside the Parliament Building on Melbourne's Spring St became a "battlefield" for anti-racists and anti-Islamists on July 7.

On that day, due to the escalating demonstrations, the rally developed into a violent conflict. To this end, the police dispatched 450 police officers to maintain peace, and taxpayers need to expect to pay 25 yuan for this expense.


The tragedy of the day is still vividly remembered by everyone, a large number of police, almost crazy demonstration groups, rioting crowds, and police spraying pepper water on a large area and arresting rioters.


However, the violent conflict in July did not alleviate the conflicts between the two sides.Recently, the anti-racism organization No Room For Racism, which launched a protest against the right-wing organization Reclaim Australia, has decided to hold another peaceful rally in City Square this Friday (August 8) ​​in the hope of containing the right-wing organization development of.


As of the deadline for publication, 800 people have indicated that they will participate in the rally, and they will invite 2300 people to participate in the next few days.

In response, members of the right-wing group made hints on social media that they would hold their own rally on the same day to disrupt the other party’s activities. There is no doubt that the plans of the right-wing groups greatly increase the likelihood of conflict.

Yarra MP and event organizer Stephen Jolly responded that this Friday's rally will be held in a peaceful manner, and all anti-racists are welcome to participate. "We don't want trouble. This Friday will be a peaceful rally. The number of racists is so small that it can be counted with two hands."

He said, “The Adam Goodes incident has proved that most Australians do not want to live in a racist society, and gatherings can help people become more united.”

It is worth mentioning that Qiaoli received death threats on social platforms due to the rally. To this end, the police strengthened their patrol force to escort them. Victoria Police Department spokesman Belinda Batty said to the public that the authorities have been aware of upcoming events this week. "The police will attend the rally to maintain public safety and respect the rights of associations to express their opinions. However, the police will not tolerate people who violate the law."

It is reported that,The rally will start at 7:5 pm on the 30th and end at 7 pm.As of press time, the two parties have not planned to hold an event on Swanston St, and it is expected that traffic on this section of the road will not be interrupted due to the gathering.

News compiled from "The Herald Sun"


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