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In recent years, the returnees who have gone abroad to study for graduate school have developed at a much slower pace in China than domestic masters graduates and returned undergraduates. The students who have invested a lot of time and money are increasingly unable to get the corresponding return. My friends have also begun to struggle with the need for a gilded master to go abroad~ Today I will give you an inventory of the advantages and disadvantages of the returnees in the domestic employment environment.

Every returnee is an individual

With the rapid increase in the number of overseas students, more and more people now classify "returnees" as one category. This is wrong. They come from different countries and different professions, and individual differences are very obvious. The general classification of them into one category largely kills some capable talents in the cradle!

Graduation = unemployment

As with domestic graduates, the embarrassing situation of graduation = unemployment is well understood by many students. It is true that graduating from prestigious schools has advantages in the early stage of job hunting, but diplomas are on paper after all, and the difference in personal abilities in the latter stage of job hunting It is the determinant of future development!

Missed opportunity in recruitment season

The graduation time for overseas students is generally in June and December, and there is a lot of paper work to do after graduation, and they will not return home immediately. The recruitment season for domestic companies happens to be from August to December, and is for fresh graduates. The vast majority of overseas returnees are unable to catch up with this time and missed opportunities for recruitment.

The importance of internship

More and more companies must have relevant work experience in the principle of recruitment, which is another bad news for the vast majority of returnees. Foreign courses are different from those in China. Everyone knows the situation of lenient entry and strict exit. To a large extent, the energy of international students is used to improve their grades, and they have no time to take care of professional preparation. Therefore, if international students can find a good internship during their studies, it will greatly improve your competitiveness in the workplace after returning to China!

Personal ability determines success or failure

As the group of international students grows stronger, more and more companies feel that the returnees are "bad streets" or "spend money for gilding" and other negative emotions. Except for those world-class universities, most of the other good universities do not understand HR very well and make wrong judgments. A classmate once told me helplessly-the interviewer asked his graduate school, classmate: "Monash graduated" Interviewer: "What is this Pheasant University?" Ha ha. . When the editor heard this, I was really dumbfounded. On the one hand, he laughed at the interviewer's ignorance, and on the other hand, he felt a pity for the interviewers.
Many people say that returnees have broadened their horizons, but they cannot keep up with them. This is indeed a relatively common phenomenon now, but it cannot be generalized. Returnees are self-conceited. They know more about international standards and some advanced management knowledge and concepts, so that many HR think that such returnees are not very down-to-earth, and a "good-sounding, bad-use" denies many small partners.


Many companies do not consider the high salaries required by returnees. This is indeed a serious problem. The huge initial investment cost is exchanged for a monthly return of several thousand yuan, and the pressure of the family's economy falls on their shoulders. Therefore, the editor suggested that the first job after returning to China should not be based on salary, but should pay attention to the size of the slope of the future development curve.

In the short term, although returnees have various disadvantages in terms of employment in their home countries, it does not mean that studying abroad is useless. Under the same other conditions, the overseas returnees’ experience and skills in studying abroad are your absolute capital. The future belongs to people with a broader vision. The key is to see how everyone goes!

The article is reproduced from "Australian International Student Service Center"


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