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In the early morning of August 8, the Prime Minister of Malaysia confirmed at a temporary press conference in Kuala Lumpur that the wreckage of the plane found on French Reunion Island belonged to MH6, which could confirm the plane crash and crash. On this day, 370 days have passed since Malaysia Airlines lost contact on March 2014, 3.

In 515 days, we went from the initial shock and questioning to the final fading. If there is not a piece of wreckage to break the peace of the world, we may not mention it again or remember it again.

Except for her. A lover of Malaysia Airlines passengers.

In 2012, this infatuated girl suffered from long-distance love with her lover. Between superior work, parental care and love, this girl resolutely chose to resign and come to the city of her lover to enjoy the happiness of love.

Since then, her Weibo has been filled with love in life.

However, life is not as dull as the prince and princess in the fairy tale. On March 2014, 3, Malaysia Airlines lost contact, and the world of this kind girl collapsed.

When love turns into a fall, I am waiting for you in the deepest seabed. For the next 515 days, she began to wait endlessly. She recorded her long thoughts on Weibo every day, and talked to her husband on Weibo every day, as if he was still by her side.

And these two microblogs moved everyone. A woman's love for her husband, longing for and waiting, put the Buddha on the ground at that moment.

And if there was no such catastrophe, at this moment they should have been walking in the park with their baby in the summer evening...

The flowers are fading and the flowers are flying all over the sky. Long-term thoughts and grief caused the girl's body to go from bad to worse, and her weight dropped to more than XNUMX kilograms. She can only rely on hormones that seriously damage her body to increase her appetite.

Now, the wreckage and mail of Malaysia Airlines have made this infatuated woman even worse. I hope this is just a nightmare.

Maybe she still lives like she used to, making cakes for love, buying flowers from a passing shop, and teasing the lazy cat on the sofa. However, from now on, there will be no more companionship and waiting.

If the ending is like this, I hope this is a dream. Wake up from the nightmare, I hope she can continue to live bravely. I believe her husband will also be in another place, silently guarding and blessing her.

If the ending is like this, I hope this is a dream, and I hope there will be less parting and more warmth in the world.

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