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Speaking of purchasing this matter, everyone really has mixed feelings. "The real purchasing agent is not low-priced and the supply is in short supply, but the threshold of purchasing agent is so low that more and more people join the purchasing agent army. Real purchasing agent and fake purchasing agent are mixed together in Australia and not in Australia who claim to be in Australia."

First of all, let’s talk about the purchasing agent on Taobao. We all said that if we want to break our heads, we don’t understand why the items marked on the purchasing agent are lower than when we bought them at a discount, and the lower is not a little bit. The freight and cost are these. Are they all eaten by dogs?

for example

The swisse cranberry, a female health care product that has recently been popular in Australia.

Searching for Australian cranberries on Taobao will come out a lot. We see that the brand we often buy here is swisse. Most of the prices on Taobao are around 100-200, and the lowest selling price is around RMB 60. The lowest can reach more than 60, with the same content of 30 tablets, but in Australia, even in special discount seasons, you can only buy around 14.29 Australian dollars, and the price of this general pharmacy is 23.99 Australian dollars.


However, if it is a direct mail from Australia, the shipping cost from Australia to the country cannot be lost. The postage of 1kg and 10 Australian dollars is recognized, and if the package value exceeds 500 Australian dollars, there will be tariffs.

Even if human flesh is brought back, how much can be brought at once? Is it just cranberries that everyone’s 23kg luggage? Where is the profit of 70 yuan for Taobao sellers?

Give another example

I saw Deyun milk powder purchased from Australia on Taobao. The price is as low as 95 RMB, while the price of Jingdong’s Australian Pavilion is less than 70 RMB! However, when it is the cheapest in Australia, it costs more than 9 Australian dollars. The net weight of a package of German shipping is 1kg, and the weight of the package is 1.5kg.

Calculated at the exchange rate of 1:4.58, a pack of German milk powder plus freight will also be more than 115 yuan. These do not include the labor cost, gas, parking, and ticket fees for scanning goods during the out of stock period in Australia. Wait.

Seeing Taobao selling price of 78.8 yuan plus shipping cost not more than 100 yuan per bag, and monthly sales of more than 2000 bags, then we were shocked. It is hard to find a bag in Australia. According to complete statistics, the transaction volume of Taobao Deyun milk powder is more than 4 times the annual output of Deyun milk powder manufacturers.

It's not that I don't believe in love anymore, I don't believe in the whole world anymore.

There are so many Taobao Leifeng, no purchasing fee is charged, and sales are at a loss.

Later, a few friends said that Taobao said about Hong Kong, the United Kingdom, and the United States purchasing agents. In fact, there are not many people who really live abroad. You can be an agent if you just think about it. The more funny it is, for example, Korean horse oil, which ranks high on Taobao, is also quite cheap. What is said on the Internet? Hong Kong purchasing agent, Korean purchasing agent, global purchase, but horse oil is famous in South Korea, and other countries will not sell it at that price after exempting tariffs. , Let alone export to Hong Kong and then sell to China will be so cheap!

Therefore, 90% of the so-called purchasing agents on Taobao require a question mark.

Let’s talk about the helplessness of Daigou. Since going abroad to study and work, there will be a large number of relatives and friends who are familiar or unfamiliar with each other.

Milk powder is definitely the most common one. Relatives no matter how far away they are from home, they all have to mail powdered milk back. People who basically know have already mailed powdered milk.

To put it simply, it is just an average international student. Not to mention anything, they didn’t give you 10kg milk powder by hand from the supermarket to the post office. As for the milk powder, if you don’t earn a penny, you are doing physical work. Being suspected of this or that, I feel like there is so much oil and water in it.

Once I settled the account with my classmates in China, it was impossible to buy milk powder under 200 in China, because all the costs would cost 200 yuan per can. No matter how low it was, the authenticity was doubted.

Please cherish those reliable purchasing agents who are abroad and willing to mail you milk powder, they are all angels!

How to distinguish "fake purchasing"

"Milk powder is wholesale, so it's cheap!" Fake! !

In Australia, milk powder can not be purchased by casual individuals or companies, only large supermarkets and pharmacies can purchase it. Therefore, most of the claims to get goods from manufacturers are deceptive.

Due to the particularity of the source of milk powder, the wholesale price of some special channels is even a few Australian dollars higher than the retail price of the supermarket, and the batch starts at 60 boxes.

Then many people will ask why not go directly to the supermarket to purchase? Many supermarket shelves have a limited purchase policy. Each person can only buy two or four cans, and most of the time they are out of stock.

So those buyers and sellers who always talk about wholesale prices and retail prices do not know how to do it. What is cheaper for wholesale purchases? What batch of goods should be sold cheaper? Basic nonsense.

"Bulk air freight back to China, so low prices!" Fake! !

For overseas air transportation of milk powder, air freight accounts for a large proportion. There is no way, after all, it is international air freight, but how can those awesome shopkeepers, Ho De, make international air freight rates incredibly low? !

The answer is that low prices can only be shipped by sea?

Forget it, after floating on the hot and humid sea for a month, there is no difference in the milk powder cans. What about the quality of the milk powder itself? The same goes for other food products! Do you really think people will use a thermostat? At present, the cost of each can of water customers with milk powder is about 25-30 yuan, and it will not make X treasure sellers so proud and "sell at low prices"! The answer is that many low-priced milk powders are fake milk powder or seaborne milk powder with a stale shelf life!

"Domestic Free Trade Zone comes out, so it's not expensive" fake! !

Originally, the China-Australia Free Trade Agreement was beneficial to the public. It could not only bring better job opportunities to the Australian people and boost the economy, but also allow Chinese people to easily buy the most natural health products from a piece of paradise at the end of the world without going abroad!


According to customs input, there are still a large number of counterfeit goods that have flowed into major pharmacies in Hong Kong via the Shenzhen port via containers. These fakes were manufactured in mainland dens and then entered the Hong Kong market from Shenzhen. A larger portion is sold directly to consumers via the Internet, under the banner of a bonded area, at low prices.

Once the incident occurs, it is quite safe to stop people from Abashiri.

Some have even shipped through Hong Kong via containers and entered major pharmacies to blatantly sell fakes.

How are fakes formed?

It's not nonsense, the industry is too deep! Do not seek profiteering, only make genuine products!

Do things with conscience.

Ma Yun is right, not because there are too many fakes, but because he is too greedy.

Article reprinted from "Watching Britain"


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