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Notice of the State Food and Drug Administration on the unqualified 2 batches of infant formula milk powder (2015 No. 51)

Released on August 2015, 08


2. Microcoot (China) Goat Milk Co., Ltd. and Ningxia Hongguo Dairy Co., Ltd. must immediately stop production, thoroughly investigate the cause of the contamination, and carry out rectification. The result of the rectification shall be reported to the local provincial food and drug regulatory authority and approved by the provincial food Production can only be resumed if the drug regulatory authority passes the inspection; immediately stop selling and publicly recall the above-mentioned products, and report the production, sales quantity and sales flow of the two batches of products to the provincial food and drug regulatory authority; Infant formula milk powder shall be inspected and the inspection results shall be announced to the public. The unqualified products found in the inspection shall be immediately stopped and recalled in time.

XNUMX. All business units shall inspect the infant formula milk powder they sell, and remove the above unqualified products from the shelves and seal them up in time. Local food and drug regulatory authorities should urge production and business units to take measures such as destruction and harmless treatment to prevent them from flowing to the market.

2015. The food and drug regulatory authorities of Tianjin City and Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region shall file investigations on relevant enterprises, and report the investigation and disposal status to the State Food and Drug Administration before October 10, 30.

12331. The State Food and Drug Administration reminds consumers that consumers who purchase the above-mentioned substandard products should stop feeding them to infants and young children, and contact the manufacturer or distributor in time. If the above substandard products are found on the market, please call the XNUMX hotline to report.


Attachment: Information on unqualified products in the supervision and sampling of infant formula milk powder
Food and Drug Administration

Regarding the Enterobacter sakazakii involved in this incident, the homepage has conducted a special investigation. The following is an introduction to this pathogen on Wikipedia. Its pathogenicity is very terrible! ! Parents should pay attention! !

"Most cases of Enterobacter sakazakii infections are infants, especially premature infants and low birth weight newborns with poor physical conditions. Infections mainly cause meningitis, sepsis, and necrotizing enterocolitis. Meningitis caused by enterobacteria often causes complications such as cerebral infarction, brain abscess, cyst formation and ventritis, and can cause neurological sequelae or rapid death. In addition to infecting newborns, the bacteria can occasionally cause local infections and bacteria in adults Blood disease and so on.

1. Meningitis in infants and young children: 75% of newborns born before term. The main manifestations are fever, pale complexion, convulsions or tremors, hypertonia, bulging of the doorway, and no stiff neck. Patients with bacteremia accounted for 5/8, necrotizing enterocolitis accounted for 2/8, and the mortality rate was as high as 75%. Meningitis caused by Enterobacter sakazakii often causes complications such as cerebral infarction, brain abscess, cyst formation and ventriculitis, and can cause neurological sequelae or rapid death.

2. Neonatal bacteremia: chills, low white blood cells, Enterobacter sakazakii can be obtained from blood culture separation, most of the symptoms are mild, such as severe sepsis, the mortality rate can reach 36%

3. Neonatal necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC): It mostly occurs in infants with low birth weight before term.

4. Adult infection: Enterobacter sakazakii causes adult bacteremia or local infection. "

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