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According to the "Daily Mail" report, the famous red tube Lucas Papaw Ointment is alleged to contain only 4% of papaya ingredients, and the remaining 96% is petroleum jelly. As a "heart treasure" for beauty lovers, almost every Australian woman carries 1 stick in her bag. According to a makeup artist recently, we have all been "played".

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Waller, a makeup artist from Melbourne, recently shared the news on Facebook, which attracted 7,500 likes and 14,500 reposts.

The title of the news she released is:"This is why I would not use Lucas Universal Papaya Cream for my clients and myself."


In the article, she claimed that the papaya cream is made of 96% Vaseline, which is not good for the skin. She wrote: "Vaseline is a by-product of the petroleum industry. It is a product of unprocessed petroleum that has been refined and processed."

"This is the cheapest way to make a moisturizer. (Vaseline) feels great when applied to the skin, but it's actually not good for the skin."If the Vaseline content is too high, it will burn the skin instead.


She pointed out that Vaseline actually builds a physical barrier on the skin to prevent water from entering or exiting, causing clogged pores and slowing the skin's ability to detoxify.


Although the ingredient list of papaya cream is clearly marked on the outer packaging, most Facebook users still expressed their shock when they saw the news.The content of fermented papaya is clearly stated on the outer packaging of (papaya paste), and a further detailed ingredient list is also given on the company's official website.

The compensation method of Lucas Universal Papaya Cream is also statedThey contain 36 mg of fermented papaya per gram of product and ensure safe use of petroleum jelly.The papaya cream uses pharmaceutical grade petroleum jelly, and strictly ensures the safety and quality of the used (Vaseline).


This statement is equivalent to a disguised acknowledgment that the papaya cream is indeed made of petroleum jelly, which surprised the majority of papaya cream lovers. It turns out that we always use petroleum jelly!

It is believed that the universal papaya paste can be usedTreat small burns, scalds, sunburns, skin eczema, cuts, dermatitis, redness and swelling caused by mosquito bites, these are indeed the effects of petroleum jelly.

Now everyone has a good heart, and it was revealed that it was just papaya-flavored petroleum jelly!I don’t know if the sales of papaya cream will be so good in the future?

News compiled from "Daily Mail"


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