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Woolworths Everyday Rewards

1. If you have a woolworth card and spend more than $30, you can get a fuel discount coupon (CALTEX WOOLWORTHS Co-branded fuel), save 4c per liter, but remember that the expiration date is 28 days;
2. Provide member consumption discounts from time to time, and you can get specific discounts by swiping the membership card on products marked with EXTRA special in the supermarket;
3. You can get 30 Qantas Frequent Flyer Points (air ticket points) for every 1 yuan of purchases over $1 in Woolworths and BIG W;
4. Provide a 10% discount on Woolworths Mobile stored value.


Coles Flybuys

1. Get 1 flybuyspoint for every RMB 1 spent in Coles and its brand stores;
2. After accumulating 2000 flybuys points, you can exchange for flybuysDollars $10, which can be used directly when shopping;
3. Small surprise: 1000 points (worth $5) can be obtained by doing a questionnaire survey every month;
4. Provide exclusive member consumption discounts from time to time, and sometimes there will be emails to send exclusive personal discount coupons.


Priceline Sister Club

1. Get 1 sisterclub point for every 1 yuan of purchases on Priceline;
2. After accumulating 100 sister club points, you will receive a refund voucher, which can be used when shopping;
3. Provide member consumption discounts, double points, and birthday surprise gifts from time to time.



1. Free hot drinks for members at IKEA at ordinary times;
2. Every amount purchased at IKEA will have 10c donated to a specific non-profit organization;
3. Provide restaurant consumption discounts and member shopping from time to time;
4. Extend the return period for unsatisfied customers to 12 months (except for bedding, kitchenware and specific goods).


Costco Membership(In large supermarkets that sell things very cheaply, you need to apply for a card to consume)

1. Costco's membership card can be used at Costco all over the world, so don't worry about losing points when you go abroad;
2. Each Venus membership card can apply for one family card; each commercial membership card can apply for five secondary cards and one family card;
3. Each member can bring two non-member friends into the supermarket;
4. Any purchase of certain designated goods enjoys an unsatisfactory return guarantee.


Event Cine Buzz Rewards

1. Provide members with a discounted price of $10 to watch the designated movie Movie of the Week;
2. Movie credits can get free movie tickets. Generally, you can watch a normal movie for 100 points once, and you can get movie tickets when you get 1000 points;
3. Provide member consumption discounts from time to time.


Hoyts Rewards

1. After joining the membership, you can get a free movie ticket, the annual fee is $10;
2. You can get 1 HoytsRewards points for every 10 yuan spent in Hoyts Cinema;
3. Student members can enjoy a discount of $7.5 movie tickets every Monday (up to three tickets can be purchased), and the annual fee is $7.5;
Provide members with a discounted price of $10 to watch the designated movie Movie of the Week;
5. Provide member consumption discounts from time to time.


MYER One Rewards

1. You can get 1 Shopping Credits for every 2 yuan you shop in MYER;
2. After accumulating 2000 ShoppingCredits, you can get $20 MYER one Reward Card;
3. You can upgrade to a silver card member with an annual spending of $1500, and you can upgrade to a gold card member with a spending of $6000.


David Jones Storecard

Storecard Product 27 Aug Banner FINAL
1. You can get 1 reward point for every 1 yuan of purchases at David Jones, and the reward point can be replaced with Gift Card Point point 1 point;
2. Every Reward Point 1 point can be replaced with QantasFrequent Flyer point 0.5 point;
3. Accumulate 13300 Gift Card Points to get a $100 David Jones consumer card;
4. You can enjoy interest-free instalments for purchases of designated items such as household, furniture and electrical appliances over $500 or over $250 for fashion accessories for men and women.


Boost Vibe Club

1. Purchase 10 cups of Boost to enjoy the 11th cup for free;
2. Get a free Boost on your birthday.



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