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The median house price in Perth, the capital of Western Australia, fell by A$6 in the June quarter, the biggest drop in two years. The Real Estate Association of Western Australia said the median house price in Perth fell from A$2 to A$55.

而公寓的价格也从44万澳元下跌到42万澳元。西澳房地产协会主席David Airey,西澳其它地区的独立房价也跌了1万澳元至38万。公寓跌4500澳元至32.5万澳元。

He said that one of the reasons is because the large transaction volume of affordable houses has driven the data downward. Not enough, the market has also made it very clear that the price of houses in Western Australia is being adjusted.

Many intermediaries have to persuade landlords to lower their prices in order to sell their houses smoothly. The Real Estate Association of Western Australia said that in Western Australia, it takes 71 days for a house to be sold before it can be successfully sold, which is three days longer than the March quarter.

In the last quarter ending at the end of June, a total of 6 houses were sold in Western Australia, which was 10,200 fewer than the previous quarter. However, even more surprising is that the volume of transactions fell sharply by 900% over the same period last year.

In Perth, nearly 60% of the houses were finally forced to reduce their prices to be successfully sold, with an average price reduction of 6%. In the rental market, there were 6 houses for rent in the second quarter to the end of June, 8128 more than in the first quarter. This puts tremendous pressure on rents in Western Australia. At present, the median rent in Perth is 1524 Australian dollars per week, a decrease of 420 Australian dollars. Over the past two years, the average median rent in Perth has fallen by $10.

News compiled from "Taiwan 7"


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