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Australia is too "willful"! Although it is not a superpower, it is a country with outstanding performance in many fields.
Although the population of Australia is only comparable to that of Shanghai, China, it is in a leading position in many rankings in the world. To put it bluntly, the world's rankings are all contracted by Australia!

Global Corruption Perceptions Index: Australia ranks ninth

透明国际的《2013年清廉指数》(Corruption Perception Index)显示,澳大利亚是全球10个最为清廉的国家之一,与加拿大并列排在第9位。丹麦和新西兰并列第一,同时进入前十位的还有芬兰、瑞典、挪威、新加坡、瑞士、荷兰。英国(14)、德国(12)、美国(19)、香港(15)都进入到了前20。

This index is based on expert opinions and scores the corruption in the public industry. This index covers 177 countries.

The happiest country in the world: Australia ranks tenth

The United Nations-funded research team "Sustainable Development Solutions Network" (SDSN) recently released the "2015 Global Happiness Report" (World Happiness Report). According to the rankings of the report survey, Switzerland and the three Nordic countries Iceland, Denmark, Norway and Canada rank in the top five separately, and Australia ranks tenth!

This annual report has been released since 2012 and aims to help guide the public policies of various countries and promote sustainable development. The report gives scores to 158 countries around the world based on the results of national surveys. The standards for measuring happiness are: per capita GDP, social support, healthy life expectancy, freedom to make life choices, magnanimity, views on corruption, and others. The results of the report are the average of the 2012-2014 survey.

The world's most suitable country for children to be born and raised: Australia ranks second

In 2013, which country is most suitable for giving birth? Will the benefits be more secure? Which country is more suitable for parenting? The place where a person was born will affect his life, just as important as who your parents are or what era you were born in. The think tank of The Economist magazine selected the 2013 best places for children to be born and raised in the world in 10. Switzerland ranked first and Australia ranked second!

Global Youth Happiness Index: Australia ranks first

In 2014, the United States and the International Youth Foundation jointly surveyed the Global Youth Wellbeing Index (Global Youth Wellbeing Index). The results showed that Australia’s young people (12-24 years old) have a very high happiness index. Young people in Australia are 12 Young people between -24 years old live better.

The world’s friendliest country: Australia ranked seventh

According to the 2015 Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report of the World Economic Forum, Spain has become the third most visited country in the world due to its outstanding attractions, culture, entertainment and infrastructure. Australia is said to be the country with the most world heritage sites in the world, such as the Great Barrier Reef and Kangaroos. It also has complete leisure, entertainment and transportation facilities and is rated as the seventh most tourist-friendly country in the world.

The world's most powerful passport: Australia ranks ninth

According to the World Travellers website, a new online passport index appraised the "power" of passports of various countries. The Australian passport ranks ninth in this list, with 138 countries exempting Australia from visas, and New Zealand ranking eighth, with 139 countries exempting them from visas.

Global wage rankings: Australia ranks first
According to the latest report released by the ConvergEx Group, in absolute terms, Australia’s hourly wage reached US$16.88, higher than the US’s US$7.25, leading the world’s major countries and ranking first. What is your hourly salary?

The most suitable country for Chinese immigrants: Australia second

Which countries are most suitable for Chinese immigrants? In October 2013, Forbes selected the ten most suitable countries for Chinese immigrants (Top10 Chinese Immigration Destinations). Sweden, a Nordic country, ranks first in the world due to its wealth, good welfare, long lifespan, and social progress index, making it the most suitable country for Chinese immigrants; Australia ranks second with its warm climate, beach culture, and clean air .

The country with the best quality of life in the world: Australia first

The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) released the latest "Better Life Index" report in 2013, which evaluated the quality of life of the people in the 34 member countries that joined the organization. Most of the top ten countries are concentrated in Europe, but the United States is also on the list. What is most surprising is that Australia has become the country with the best quality of life among OECD member countries for three consecutive years. So some experts commented that if you want to live a happy life in this life, you should go to Australia.

Global Human Development Index country: Australia second

In the 2013 report, Australia ranked second among 187 countries, second only to Norway; the United States ranked third, while the Democratic Republic of the Congo ranked bottom. The top ten countries on the list are Norway, Australia, the United States, the Netherlands, Germany, New Zealand, Ireland, Sweden, Switzerland and Japan. This index not only compares elements such as health, education, and income, but also adds "gender inequity factors" to these elements, rather than simply taking the average value.

The world's ten most suitable countries for elderly care: Australia ranks third

According to the Natixis Global Asset Management Global Retirement Index, Australia ranks third among the ten most suitable countries for retirement. Based on data provided by the World Bank and the World Health Organization, the index compares the pension situation of 20 countries around the world in 150 aspects including medical environment, life expectancy, financial stability and quality of life. Australia's occupational pension guarantee system (Superannuation Guarantee) is the main reason for the country's top spot on this list.

QS World University Rankings: Australia’s eight universities are in the top 100

Recently, QS Education Group, headquartered in London, UK, released the latest "QS World University Rankings" in 2015! According to the latest rankings, the Australian National University (ANU) continued to rank first in Australia, ranking 25th globally, the University of Melbourne ranked 33rd, and the University of Sydney ranked 37th. In addition, all the eight top universities in Australia have entered the top 100 list.



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