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[Most foreigners love to look at a person’s character in these 17 trivial matters]

1. When you see beautiful women, just look at them openly, and don't hesitate to praise. Don't take a peek, it's not shy, and it's suspected that you have a bad idea.


2. If you borrow money, take the initiative to repay it no matter what the borrower says. Don't wait for others to ask for it.


3. When taking a taxi, there must be someone sitting side by side with the driver. Even if a couple rides at the same time, usually the husband sits in the front and the wife lives alone in the back. They think that this is the respect for the driver, otherwise it is rude behavior.


4. TA invited you to dinner or coffee, please try to return within a week afterwards.


5. Get used to waiting for the red light, even if no car passes by. The consequence of you running a red light is immediately despised by everyone.


6. No matter where you are, if people around you show discomfort and mind, immediately put out the cigarette in your hand.


7. There is no direct correlation between sloppy dress and achievement, but please keep yourself tidy. Although we are not artists, it is easier to gain the trust and favor of others.


8. Borrow someone else's car to drive, and make sure to at least fill it up when returning it.


9. Often when very busyAnd homeContact greetings, and those who communicate kindly, have love in their hearts, notThe unyieldingThe best proof.


10. When someone shows you a photo on your phone or computer, don’t look through it without permission. He may not stop him in person, but he must have a bad impression of you.


11. When you go to a specific place, remember to wear a hat, helmet, uniform, shoe covers, etc. This will make you look professional, responsible for yourself and others, and your attitude will not be a fluke.


12. If you borrow someone else's book, you must return it!


13. Don't abuse your power to consult and just ask when you encounter problems. No one will take the initiative to breastfeed you. Learn to complete information retrieval independently as much as possible, as well as some thinking.


14. Leave the last piece on the plate. It belongs to the owner/the person who paid for the meal/the youngest person on the spot, unless everyone is clearly willing to leave it to you.


15. Don't kiss your lover in the library. Even if you are ambiguous in some places, it is your human right, but please respect knowledge.


16. Stay overnight at someone else's house. Make sure to at least help the host put pillows, fold the quilt, and flatten the sheets when you wake up the next morning.


17. People who do not eat breakfast in the morning cannot be entrusted with important tasks, because a person who does not even care about his own health will not care about the details of any project.




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