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Friends in Fujian can finally avoid the embarrassment of connecting flights and fly straight home!


Xiamen Airlines officially launched flights from Sydney to Xiamen, Fuzhou on November 11:

800+ non-stop flights between Sydney and Fuzhou or Xiamen

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday MF80812:00PM Sydney direct flight to Fuzhou, the same day 18:20PM to Fuzhou

Every Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday MF807 will fly directly to Sydney at 22:10PM from Fuzhou and arrive at Sydney at 10:30AM the next day

Every Thursday and Sunday, MF802 will fly directly to Xiamen at 12:00PM from Sydney, and arrive at Xiamen at 18:00PM on the same day

Every Wednesday, Saturday, MF80122: 30PM direct flights from Xiamen to Sydney, 10:30AM the next day to Sydney


This is convenient, and it's not difficult to go home often! ! ! !

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