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Anyone who has taken a driver’s license in Australia knows that if they can take the test at one time, they will definitely have won the grand prize. Especially for the road test, you can't pass it once, and there are many people who take the test twice or three times. Some friends even said that in Australia, the test of driving license is not about skills, but about luck! In my opinion, a driving license test in Australia does require some skills and details in addition to luck. The editor especially edited this article for everyone who is preparing to take a driver’s license in Australia. Although it is about NSW, the basic points are also applicable to Victoria—

Australia, as a country of immigrants, many people come here every year and regard it as their new home. Australia has beautiful scenery and countless sun, beaches, forests and lakes. If you want to truly experience the beauty of Australia and truly integrate into Australian life, being able to drive is one of the first things to consider. Let’s take a comprehensive look at Australia. Matters needing attention in driving license test.

Getting a driver’s license in Australia is a relatively “long” process. It will take 1 years at the earliest to obtain the "learning car" license (L), to the "Red P" driver's license (P2), "Green P" driver's license (P4), to the final unrestricted full license (Full License). Because each state is slightly different, this article uses New South Wales, where Sydney is located, as an example.

In NSW, Australian citizens or residents can apply for a driving license test after they reach the age of 16. Applicants need to pass a vision test and a computer-based computer test at the Road Administration (RTA) to obtain a "learning to drive" driver's license, as well as a log book for filling in training records. Learners must hold an L license for at least 1 year, and be accompanied by a driver with a full license (Full License) to practice driving under various road conditions for at least 120 hours. After being signed by the full license driver, they can apply for red. P driver’s license road test.

"Red P" is also known as "Temporary Driver's License for the First Stage". The applicant for the road test will bring his car to the test. The examiner of the Road Administration sits in the front passenger seat and issues instructions to test the basic driving skills of candidates on the road. After passing the score, the applicant can obtain a "Red P" driver's license on the spot. Starting from the "Red P", candidates can drive alone on the road with red P signs posted on the front and back of the car. However, they are limited by a maximum speed of 90 kilometers per hour, and their driver's license is only 4 points, and the illegal deductions will be revoked. .

After holding the "Red P" for 12 months, you can apply to participate in the road hazard computer simulation test provided that there is no violation record. Candidates are required to simulate the control of the vehicle on the computer touch screen and respond to various road conditions to evaluate whether they have more proficient driving skills and correct response behaviors. After passing the exam, candidates can upgrade their driver's license to a "green P", that is, a "second-stage temporary driver's license". Drivers need to put up green P signs on the front and back of the vehicle, the maximum speed limit will be increased to 100 kilometers, and the driver’s license points will increase to 7 points.

After holding the "Green P" for at least 24 months, drivers can apply to participate in the driver's qualification test, and after passing, they can finally obtain an unlimited full driving license for a family vehicle. The full driver’s license contains 3 points within 13 years. After deduction, depending on the severity of the situation, the driver’s license may be revoked, or the driver’s license may be revoked or applied for short-term revocation and conduct.

For Chinese who go to Australia with a Chinese driver’s license, in principle, they can drive with the English notarized copy of the Chinese driver’s license before being signed for permanent residence in Australia. After obtaining permanent residence, this notarized document can be used for another 3 months, during which time you must change to the local Australian driver’s license. If it exceeds three months, you must convert to an Australian driver's license to continue driving in Australia. As Australia stipulates that you can only hold a valid driver's license to drive at the same time, the driver's license management agency will invalidate your original driver's license when you switch to an Australian driver's license. Drivers should pass the computerized test and road test, and then can apply for a "red P", "green P" or "full driver's license" according to the length of driving experience in China.

However, the Road Administration has the right to “downgrade” the category of driver’s license renewal from a safety perspective. For those who have been driving in China for more than 3 years, in principle, they can renew a “full driver’s license”, but they may also be issued a “green P” or "Red P" driver's license.

Why change your driver's license? There are two main reasons:

First, the Chinese driver’s license cannot continue to be used in Australia;

Second, it is more convenient to live in the local area with an Australian driver's license. Generally speaking, a Chinese driver’s license plus a translation can be used until the PR is obtained in Australia, and it can be used within three months after obtaining the PR, but after three months, you will have to change your Australian driver’s license, so many people will because I got a PR and had to change my driver’s license.

A driver’s license is required for everything in Australia, similar to a Chinese ID card. For those who have obtained PR, it is necessary to change their driver's license, which will make life more convenient.

Whether you are taking a new driver's license in Australia or want to convert a Chinese driver's license to an Australian driver's license, you need to pass the Computer-BasedDriver Knowledge Test and the Driving Test.

There are two steps to change a Chinese driver’s license to an Australian driver’s license:

60. Theory test. The theoretical test takes XNUMX minutes and can be a written test or a computer test, in English or Chinese. It is recommended to choose an English test. Because driving in Australia, all road signs are in English, even if the English is not good, you must master the English expressions of traffic rules, this will be very helpful for driving in the future; and the written test can facilitate our reading and checking, all the question banks It's all in a thick book, it's more convenient to flip through, and it can also avoid missing questions.

60. Road test. The road test, as the name suggests, is a test on the road by car. The method is similar to that in China. The examiner sits around and observes, but the test is more content and takes longer, about XNUMX minutes.

The following is an introduction to the general procedure for driving license test in New South Wales, Australia.

1. Computer-Based Driver Knowledge Test (DKT)

DKT is a theoretical test. The test content is mainly about driving safety knowledge, traffic rules, etc. The questions are multiple-choice questions, and all tests are completed on the computer. The theory test has a Chinese system, but the English one is not difficult. Read the exam manual before taking the exam. The test manual can be downloaded from the RTA website or can be purchased for $10. Before taking the formal exam, you can also take a mock test on the RTA website. If there is no problem, you can register for the exam. The test fee is 34 Australian dollars each time.

After passing the theory test, you can get an L license by paying 19 Australian dollars. The importance of L card cannot be underestimated, it is equivalent to the role of ID card. Looking for a job, going to the bank, it is often used in daily life, so it is recommended that you apply for an L license as soon as possible.

With the L card, you can drive on the road. But this is not a long-term solution, because you cannot drive alone with the L card, and a person with a Full License must be seated on the left. So you need to find a driving school to receive specialized training and prepare to take the road test. Don't think that if you drive in the country for a long time, you don't need to participate in training. Driving a driver’s license in Australia attaches great importance to traffic rules, and it is difficult to pass the road test without someone’s guidance. There are many driving school advertisements in Chinese newspapers, usually more than 30 yuan per hour. There are also packaged training, such as 10 hours of teaching, two exams and a car rental, which costs about four to five hundred Australian dollars. The price is different for different drivers and different regions.

2. Driving Test, road test

Before taking the road test, you must have more than 50 hours of L license driving records to fill in the log book. The master of the driving school drives the car for a few hours, fills it for a few hours, and does not fill it too much. Heavy fines will be imposed if found. You can add money to make up the rest of the time, or ask a friend with a Full Licence to take you to open it. After meeting this condition and feeling that you are fully prepared, you can make an appointment to take the road test on the RTA website or RTA office.

To take the road test, you need to bring the test appointment receipt, L license, and identification (such as a passport). If you have a Chinese driver's license, please bring the original and official translation. At the same time, bring your own test vehicle.

After arriving at the test center, you must first fill out an application form, take a vision test, and check your ID and overseas driver's license. After passing the road test, there are three situations:

1、如果能够证明你在18岁以后的驾驶时间超过3年(即你在国内的驾照时间超过3年),你就可以获得Full Licence,Full Licence的制作费用是43澳币。

2、如果你的驾龄超过1年但是还不满3年,可以获得有条件驾照P2(绿P),P2的制作费用是68澳币。等在你澳洲的驾龄和国内的驾龄加起来满3年,并通过Driver Qualification Test(考试费用每次34澳币),就可以换Full Licence。

3. If your driving experience is less than 1 year, or if you don't have a driver's license in China, you can get a conditional driver's license P1 (red P). The production cost of P1 is 43 Australian dollars. After driving for one year and passing the Hazard Perception Test (the test fee is 34 Australian dollars each time), you can exchange for P2.

For friends who are going to take a road test, the following aspects need to be paid attention to

1. When turning according to the examiner's instruction, the direction light must be on from the beginning of the turn to the completion of the turn. If the direction light is automatically turned off during this process, the direction light must be quickly turned on (especially at the turntable In places, it’s easy for the turn signal to go off automatically, so friends should remember to turn on the turn signal quickly)

2. When you change lanes on the road, you must pay attention to the premise that when you are safe, don’t change lane blindly. In the case of unsafe conditions, turn on the direction light and keep going straight until you confirm the safety. line.

3. During the road test, candidates will encounter some road sections that are two-way four-lane at the beginning, but the dividing line between the same lanes disappears and the road becomes two-way two-lane. In this case, you should drive on the left side by default. Only cars that are overtaken or parked on the left can merge to the right side of the same lane, but after confirming that there are no parking cars on the left front, they must merge back to the left side of the same lane and drive normally. In another case, when the examiner says "turn right at next street", the examinee can merge from the left side of the same lane to the right side of the same lane and prepare to turn right.

Pre-drive check before the road test

Washers + Wipers before washing windshield water + wiper (sweeper)

Front Demister(s) + Fan Front Demister(s) + Fan

Rear (back) Demister rear window heating




Indicator (signal)——Left/Right left/right turn signal

Brake Lights

Hazard Light Hazard Light (Double Bounce Light)

Head Lights

High Beam/Low Beam high headlights

Candidates must be familiar with the English names of the above checks before the road test (if you have requested a Chinese translation, you also need to be familiar with the Chinese names), and know the specific location of the corresponding names, and perform the corresponding operations according to the examiner’s instructions or point out the corresponding component locations . If you cannot perform the corresponding operation or point out the corresponding bad position during the pre-drive check, your test will be terminated immediately. Please be careful and be prepared.

Errors that will cause the test to fail during the road test:
1. Grab the traffic light (yellow light)
2. The STOP road sign does not stop completely (3 seconds)
3. Speeding for 5 seconds or more than 5 kilometers
4. Vehicle control hazard (driving without starting the vehicle and without the brakes)
5. Judging unsafe (failed to select a safe zone)
6. Hit the curb or curb
7. Don't give way to pedestrians
8. Failed to complete the park car within 2 minutes

Passing the road test in Australia is not an easy task. Not many people pass the test once. In the road test, the inspection of traffic rules is more important than the inspection of driving skills, and you can learn a lot from failure, and you can drive more safely after getting a driver's license.

Reference URL:www.rta.nsw.gov.au



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