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Good skin is not just born! Maintenance is as important as the day after tomorrow. Mask is one of the skin care products that girls love very much. Among all kinds of masks, there is a type of cleansing mask that is indispensable for girls from all over the world in summer. While deeply cleaning the skin, it can also replenish water and control oil, which can make the face. More delicate, the base makeup will be more compliant, 1-2 times a week. Today I will introduce to you 6 cleansing masks that are indispensable in Australia~~~

1. Jurlique clear and clear mask

Jurlique, I must be familiar with it, this is known as the purest skin care product in the world. And this deep cleansing and detoxifying purifying dual-effect mask. Contains natural mineral mud, green tea, daisy and almond bran plant extract. It is blended with floral water 1:1, deep cleansing and moisturizing, leaving skin pure, clear and full of vitality. I love it in summer, it has high cleaning power, oily skin is the first choice, dry skin should be cautious, it is best to go to the counter to do a test

2. Aesop Primrose Cleansing Mask

This cleansing mask, which has been on the list countless, has excellent reputation and cost-effectiveness-Aesop Primrose Cleansing Mask. It is not only the most popular and admired star product of Aesop, but also my favorite cleansing mask. When opened, it has a very comfortable herbal scent. It is extensible and non-sticky. It is amazing that it can not only deep clean and purify pores, but also effectively reduce blackheads and acne particles; it also contains soothing and calming ingredients that can soothe redness and acne. , And help it fade; the most wonderful thing is that it can dilute spots and reduce skin blemish red marks~~~ The effect is invincible, and the price is pretty good!

3.Sukin Purifying Mask

Sukin is a brand that has always been recommended by the editor with a high cost-effectiveness ~ and this specially launched purifying mask contains rich kaolin, which can purify, cleanse and rejuvenate the skin, and the aloe and rosehip oil can soothe the skin. Skin is more radiant, nourishes and regenerates skin. And long-term use can achieve the effect of shrinking pores. It tastes like candy when you open the can. The texture of the mask is reddish-brown cream, and the upper face is completely non-irritating. The editor is super sensitive skin, and it’s all right. Nothing after washing. Fake slippery, on the contrary, the skin is very translucent, and the blackheads of the nose are reduced! Choose one with Aesop Primrose Cleansing Mask!

4.NATIO plant purifying mask

Natio Plant Purifying Mask is the latest surprise! Although this one is mud-like, it is very mild (I use 724 white mud and it will sting). It feels clean and moist after washing. The deep cleaning effect is worse than eve lom, and it feels better than Fresh white mud. Too fast), is a daily essential type! ! Because the price is very good, so I have a few stocks, often out of stock~~~

5.Lush mint refreshing mask

This mask is called "Mask of Magnaminty", which is made of mint ingredients ~ this is a star product of LUSH! The feeling that LUSH gives me is mainly fresh and natural. Every product is handmade and the raw materials are natural, allowing people to use the most comfortable skin care products. It is also a cleansing mask that I like very much. It has a touch of mint and floral fragrance. It is also very comfortable to apply. After washing, the skin will become very clean and smooth. It is definitely a cost-effective cleansing mask that is necessary in summer~

6.Sudocrem Butt Cream

This Sudocrem Butt Cream was originally intended to treat children with red butt, but it was later developed into a blackhead mask. Small acne on the face will be easily removed after using it, and it takes 2 hours to apply! ! I usually put it on as soon as I get home, and I will be forced to stick out my head if I close my mouth! The big blackheads on the nose have also disappeared. In the pores near the nose, some small blackheads that are lingering and dirty will become easy to clean. After using up the butt cream, it is a full-face carpet cleaning process! I have grown up red and swollen acne, the swelling will disappear a lot the next day after applying the butt cream~~~Attention, use a scraper to scrape it off, otherwise it is not easy to wash~~~

Okay, let’s take inventory today. The above are all very popular cleansing masks in Australia! I wonder if any friends like it?



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