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According to "Herald Sun", a woman carried out a fierce racial verbal attack on a Chinese Australian couple in a central park in Sydney.

The incident took place in Wynyard Park. At lunchtime, the woman approached the couple, watched them eating for 20 minutes and then asked them to give up their position to another Anglo-Saxon woman because they were Asian.

The man, who did not want to be named, said, "My girlfriend and I have just been insulted in public because of Chinese descent. A woman stood in front of us and glared at us while we were eating. Another Anglo-Saxon looked like When the lady passed by, the woman asked us to stand up and give her the place because we are of Asian descent. She was very fierce. She said that my girlfriend looked at her as if she was from London because her hair was golden. ."


The man who took the video said that the woman watched for 20 minutes before starting to curse.


A man photographed the moment the woman made racial abuse.

He said, "Fortunately a Samaritan sitting across from us interrupted her, and the video started from here. My girlfriend and I are both Australian Chinese. We both work in this city. University study. What I want to clarify is that I have no malice towards this woman. I just want everyone to know about this negative attitude towards Chinese Australians."

"Get out! We just want to have our lunch! (Just f*** off! We're just trying to have our lunch!')" until a man sitting opposite them yelled out this sentence Later, she was somewhat restrained.

The woman was still babbling and cursing: "You're a criminal. You're taking all the f***ing jobs (You're a criminal. You're taking all the f***ing jobs)."

“China is a two-faced XXX, 700 billion Australian dollars are all in your hands, and you like prostitution and drug trafficking all day long! (You have two faces China, two f***ing faces China…70 billion dollars, all in your fingers , for selling drugs and prostitutes all day)

The man came out of the company to have lunch. He said that after being attacked by a woman, he accompanied his girlfriend to a nearby station because his girlfriend was afraid that the woman would come back.


Everyone remember this face: this woman abused an Australian Chinese couple in Sydney CBD Wynyard Park for ethnic reasons.

News compiled from "The Herald Sun"


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