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In the year to March 2015, Australia's inbound tourism industry has grown steadily. International tourist expenditure has achieved double-digit growth (3%), and total expenditure has hit a record high of 10 billion Australian dollars; the number of international tourists has increased by 325%, the first time Over 8 million passengers.

ACB News "Australia Finance Online" reported that Tourism Australia's latest "Quarterly Market Update" report, which combines Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) data and the latest "International Tourist Survey" (IVS) ) The data is a comprehensive overview of the current status of Australia's key international tourism market.

The number of international tourists and the number of tourists entering Australia from various tourism market segments have increased, and the number of leisure tourists has increased the most. The number of holiday tourists increased by 7% to 320 million, and the number of visitors to family and friends (VFR) increased by 10% to 200 million.


International tourist expenditure, the overall tourism expenditure of international tourists in Australia increased by 10%, and the number of tourists staying overnight increased by 7%. Among them, the expenditure of Chinese tourists in Australia increased by nearly 25% over the same period, reaching 64 billion Australian dollars, and the total expenditure ranked first among the countries of origin of tourists to Australia. Travel spending by U.S. tourists in Australia rose by 14%, with a total of nearly 30 billion.

Consumer confidence level According to the latest survey statistics of Nielsen, a world-renowned market research company, compared with the fourth quarter of 2014, global consumer confidence rose by one index point in the same period in the first quarter of 2015. Among them, Japanese consumer confidence has risen the most, rising by 2005 index points since 9. In Australia's key tourism market, consumer confidence in New Zealand, the United States, the United Kingdom and France increased by 1, 1, 3, and 3 index points respectively, while the Chinese consumer confidence index dropped by 1 index point, but still maintained a high level of 106.

Air capacity, Australia's international air capacity increased by 3%, and the growth prospects are optimistic. Many airlines have announced plans to open new routes between Australia and its key tourism markets (such as Japan, China, the United States and Singapore) to provide air services.

The report reveals that during April and May 2015, global aviation capacity continued to increase, and the average passenger load factor of aircraft also increased significantly. At the same time, benefiting from strong tourism demand, the impact of the decline in air capacity in Australia's domestic tourism market (expected to drop by 4% in the first half of 5) has been compensated, and the average load factor of the Australian aviation industry has increased.

Article reprinted from ACB News "Australia Finance Online"


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