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According to local Australian media reports, the Abbott government plans to tighten the citizenship test to ensure the loyalty of overseas immigrants to Australia and the unified values ​​and laws of this country. It is reported that the federal government hopes to enhance the country's ability to counter extremism and maintain its social cohesion.

Australian government wants to tighten citizenship test

According to reports, Australia is launching a "national discussion" on issues such as citizenship privileges. As part of this discussion, the Abbott government has proposed plans to tighten the citizenship naturalization test. At the same time, Australians will be asked to express this Own attitude.

Prime Minister Abbott said: "We should establish a new kind of respect and recognition for the rights and obligations given to us by Australian citizenship. Australian citizenship will bring us many privileges, which will be something I need to discuss. "

According to the report, the government hopes to add more questions about loyalty in future citizenship tests, which will help prevent possible extremism threats and better maintain the country's social cohesion.

The naturalization test will contain more questions

It is understood that the government's consideration of tightening the citizenship test will include more issues, including core values, legal common sense, and English standards. In addition, the citizenship undertaking is also likely to face renewal, and the identity of Australian-born citizens and citizens of Australian descent will be clearly shown in relevant documents. All persons who obtain Australian citizenship will also be bound by the responsibilities and authorities of citizenship. Former Immigration Minister Lei Duo said: “The citizenship test will help people understand Australia’s core values, equality between men and women, and respect the country’s language and laws.”

Lei Duo also said: "On the whole, Australian society is still very cohesive. As a country with a quarter of the population born overseas, social and cultural diversity has taken root throughout Australia, and we don't need to worry about this."

What are the requirements for immigration and naturalization in Australia?

As one of the most suitable countries for human living in the world, Australia has always been one of the hot spots for Chinese investors to invest in immigration due to its superior living environment, social environment and educational resources. What conditions need to be met for immigration and naturalization in Australia?

When an immigrant applies for naturalization as an Australian citizen, the following conditions must be met:

XNUMX. Hold the legal right of residence in Australia

XNUMX. Have lived in Australia for three years in the past four years

XNUMX. One of the above four years must hold Australian permanent resident status

90. Leaving Australia for no more than XNUMX days in the year before submitting the application

18. Participate in the citizenship test (persons under the age of 60, over XNUMX, and those with hearing, speech, vision, or permanent physical or psychological impairments will be exempt from this test.)

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