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Recently, in the United Kingdom, the United States and even Australia, a little brother named Sam Cookney (Sam Cookney) swiped the screen. He thought that the rent in London was too expensive, so he rented a house in Spain 1500 kilometers away and took a plane to go to get off work in London every day~

▶▷Flew? This idea is bold, but it's really not just thinking about it;

You may not be able to bear the high rents when you work in the Imperial Capital. When considering whether to rent a house in Hebei or Tianjin, the younger brother Sam Cookney has already done a multinational flight to work.

Many people think that he is a senior executive of a large company or a CEO of Dojin, but in fact he is just a social media manager, and this bold idea was mentioned on Twitter as early as 2013 (estimated after paying the rent last month) Come out for help from netizens.


Netizens consider this for him




There is this


▶▷London costs 16k a month, but it only costs 13k to fly to London, which is 3k cheaper!

Faced with questions from netizens, Sam said that he only cares about the rent, and he also carefully calculated the account and posted it on Twitter. According to his estimation, he will save about 3000 a month in Barcelona than in London. RMB~

First, let's take a look at the cost of London with Fan:

The rent for a single room in the West Hampster (not in the city) area of ​​London is 1505 pounds a month


Coupled with the 75 pounds of taxes and 116.6 pounds of commuting fees, a total of 1697 fat people (16315 yuan) would be charged for a month’s room in London.

Then, the cost of flying to work in Barcelona:

Judging from the link he posted on his blog, one can rent a two-bedroom apartment in Barcelona for 1400 euros (9532 yuan), and it is still in the city center.

640-516 640-517 640-518

Look at the ticket again:

The daily round trip cost is 34 euros (231 yuan), and my brother only works four days a week, and the total monthly transportation cost is less than 4000 yuan.


Therefore, even if my brother rents the luxurious two-bedroom apartment above, plus the transportation expenses, the total monthly cost is almost RMB 13500..

▶▷The daily life of the flying brother

After accurate research, Sam endured more than a year in London. Coupled with the increase in rents in London, he finally moved to Barcelona three months ago in a rage.

Now my brother rents a two-bedroom apartment with a roof terrace in the Gothic Quarter in the center of Barcelona, ​​and the monthly rent is only more than 800 euros.

If he catches a plane at around 6 o'clock in the morning, he will arrive at 8 o'clock, and he can enjoy breakfast time-drinking coffee and eating sandwiches, and then there is plenty of work time. Although he spends five and a half hours on the road every day, he still enjoys his current life.


Looking at his Twitter, Fan Zhu only saw two feelings:Beautiful Barcelona and beautiful rent.

The beauty of Barcelona is like this▽

640-521 640-522 640-523 640-524 640-525 640-526 640-527

The food is like this▽

640-528 640-529

(Beautiful Barcelona)

A beautiful daily life is like this▽

640-530 640-531 640-532

I occasionally complain about the rent in London

640-533 640-534

Of course, the 32-year-old Sam also stated that he is still single.▽


If you feel that the beautiful Barcelona and the beautiful rent are not enough for you to fly more than five hours a day to work, then take a look at the "Mirror" on the price comparison of the football team package▽

Barcelona’s season pass is 103.38 fat, Arsenal’s season pass is 1014 fat

Seeing this, Fan friends, do you feel that everything is easy to understand?

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