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Australia's education is well-known in the world, and its academic and research results have always been of world-class standards. Therefore, the requirements of various universities for students are quite high, and students who practice fraud will be severely punished. The uproar of the University of Sydney’s essay writing incident is enough to show that Australia attaches great importance to the quality of education, ranging from suspension or suspension of admission to the cancellation of degrees!

On August 8, the University of New South Wales (UNSW) cancelled a student's degree! In addition, the issuance of degree certificates for 1 students was also suspended at the same time! The reason is suspected of academic fraud and the school is under further investigation.


This move by the University of New South Wales is undoubtedly a wake-up call to the majority of international students. Students should always adhere to strict academic standards and keep in mind the consequences of fraud.

Not only UNSW, all universities in Australia will increase their academic vigilance and set assessment tasks to prevent students from using some tools or people to achieve fraud in their studies.

It is not easy for our parents to work hard to send us to study abroad. Students should treat their studies strictly and cautiously, be down-to-earth, do not resort to fraud, and do not leave regrets in their Australian study life~

The article is reproduced from "Australian International Student Service Center"


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