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According to "Mental_Floss", what if there is no kitchen? Don't worry, you can cook if you have a car. You do not believe? Let's take a look at how to use a car to cook common delicacies, remember to ensure safety, if food poisoning is not good.

1. Baked potatoes


"Car roast" expert Alfred Cary suggested to wrap the potatoes in double aluminum foil and place them next to the car engine. He said: "Double-layer packaging not only prevents food from being smoked, but also prevents food juices from showing. The only time the packaging has been damaged is because I only wrapped a single layer."

2. Chocolate Cookies


When the weather is sunny and hot, you can bake cookies on the car dashboard. But be aware that the color of the biscuits baked in the car may be lighter than that in the old oven, but they are also delicious.

3. Hot dog

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Wrap the hot dog in aluminum foil, place it carefully under the hood, and drive for 30-45 minutes. Pay attention to the pointer of the engine temperature gauge to ensure that it is in the middle position throughout the process.

4. Roast beef


In 2010, British chef Tom Skyes calculated that by driving at 60 miles per hour for three and a half hours, he could make a 2.5-pound roast beef dinner with grilled vegetables. Skyes described that roast beef may be a bit raw for some people, but it is of the same standard as a good French restaurant, and roasted vegetables are very delicious.

5. Pizza


Netizens love pizza, so there will naturally be creative pizza practices on the Internet, including using the dashboard to bake pizza. The best way to make pizza in this way is in the summer, and novices can consider buying pre-made crepes instead of making their own dough.

6. Chicken breast tortillas


The two brothers Ray and Tom Magliozzi who hosted the "Car Talk" program, in the cooking program "Simply Ming" of Chinese chef Ming Tsai (Ming Tsai), cut the zucchini and chicken breast, and then drove for 20 minutes. On the way, Their lunch has been grilled on the manifold.

7. Hamburger


Connect the exhaust burger grill to the exhaust pipe of the car. During driving, the exhaust heat will cook a slice of burger patty.

8. Baked salmon


Salmon is difficult to overbake, so it is very suitable for engine kitchens.

9. Grilled shrimp


As an indispensable grilled shrimp, the recipe is simple and complicated. One of the simple methods is to add bay leaves and lime juice, and drive for an hour and a half and you're done.

10. Grilled beef steak


To promote Feed the Children, a non-profit organization, Clay Villanueva from Phoenix, USA chose one day in August. With the help of professional chefs, he prepared 6 steaks, spices and vegetables, and grilled them on the dashboard. The grilled steak was very good, but Clay joked that the smell in the new car was gone.

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