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According to The Times, Victoria has recently stepped up its penalties for Myki card fare evasion. However, Myki card often has technical failures, which makes it difficult for passengers who clearly swipe the card to enter the station. Therefore, Melbourne's well-known lawyer Julian Burnside (Julian Burnside) advises commuters to protect their legal rights.

The Times quoted Berside as saying that in one case, a passenger clearly heard the beep of the card machine when he swiped his card to enter the station, but when the ticket inspector checked, he was told that he would be punished as fare evasion. , A fine of 75 yuan. The passenger argued that there must have been an error in the Myki card machine, but the ticket inspector insisted that he would either pay a fine of 75 yuan for fare evasion or accept a fine of up to 233 yuan.

因此,伯赛德建议在这种情况下,「首先,乘客应告知检票员『我要对此番对话进行录音(I’m going to record this conversation)』。其次,乘客应单刀直入地说『我不会缴纳75元罚款,我将在法庭为自己辩护,而且我希望你能提供我进站刷卡时的记录以及我在进站刷卡时的监控录像。(I will not pay the $75 fine. I will defend this in court and I will expect you to produce the service records for the machine where I touched on and the CCTV footage of the machine where I touched on for the relevant period)』」

In this case, the ticket inspector will record the passenger's information as the basis for the court to send the subpoena. In many cases, when a commuter asks the ticket inspector to show the credit card record and surveillance video, the court will revoke the fine. Berside also said: “As long as passengers actually swipe their cards to enter the station at train, bus and tram stops, there are reasons to argue with the ticket inspectors.”

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News compiled from "Times"


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