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Say the important thing three times! Toorak Pakistan Buyi Sichuan Restaurant will launch a hot and cold buffet hot potToday (August 8st, Saturday) happy to eat. The editor recommends that my friends start a diet today to clear the intestines and stomach, haha, have a big meal at night! Choose from crabs, shrimps, cattle, sheep, and fish! If you’re tired, you’ll get more Chuanbei Jelly Spicy Chicken to help you refresh yourself, and you’ll get a free drink!To grab a position: (03) 9826 1386

Toorak Ba Guo Bu Yi Sichuan Restaurant launched a self-service hot pot,Special price $28.6 per personIn addition to the series of passionate hot pot dishes such as prawns, beef and mutton, it also contains classic hot and cold Sichuan dishes! Hot and cold Sichuan food! Hot and cold Sichuan food! Say the important thing three times! If you are tired of eating buffet hot pot, change to Chuanbei Jelly or Spicy Chicken to refresh yourself and fight again. Haha, it’s free, 28.6 dollars is just that way!

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