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The latest QS university rankings in 2015 are released! The Australian National University once again topped the list of Australia, ranking 25 in the world! Australia's eight largest cities are among the top XNUMX in the world. Congratulations again, Melbourne has become the best city for studying in Australia, second only to Paris in the world~~~Sahua! ! ! PS: Sydney, followed closely~~

As one of the most authoritative global university rankings, Qs was published by Quacquarelli Symonds in the UK. The ranking combines academic mutual evaluation, teacher-student ratio, faculty citation volume, and employer evaluation data, and lists全球700 universitiesThe ranking.

Australia is one of the main study destinations for Chinese students, and the world rankings of its major universities have also received widespread attention. The editor will summarize the QS comprehensive rankings of Australian universities and the rankings of major departments for your reference only.

Come and see where your university ranks this year. . .

A list of the eight comprehensive rankings of Australia:

Dedicated to pre-school and extra curricular Qs World Ranking
AustraliaAsiaNational university 25 (CommentMinute 89.7
inkYouThis university 33 (CommentMinute 86.5
University of Sydney 37 (CommentMinute 84.3
QueensBlueUniversity 43 (CommentMinute 82.4
New South WalesYouUniversity 48 (score 81.2)
Monash University 70 (score 75.5)
University of Western Australia 89 (score 72.6)
University of Adelaide 100(CommentMinute 70.5

It is obvious from the top ten universities in Australia thatAustralia's top eightWorld rankingAll rankedTop XNUMX in the world. Although the University of Adelaide happened to be stuck in the XNUMXth place.

The ranking of the business school that Chinese students care most about is here~~~~

Below isThe ranking of five Australian universities by subject:

Top five in arts and humanities:

Top five engineering and technical disciplines:

Top XNUMX in life sciences and medicine

Top XNUMX in Natural Science

Top XNUMX in Sociology and Management

Article reproduced from "Melbourne Colorful Beauty"


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