Frightened! Australian prostitutes self-report: You can get money quickly, professional and clean! Husband Doesn't Mind‏

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She comes from a middle-class family in Australia; she is a prostitute and has a husband who loves her; listens to Imogen tells her story.

She is a married sex worker. From her post on social media to answer questions from strangers, we can have a preliminary understanding of the porn industry in Australia.

The 22-year-old woman posted a post on the entertainment social networking site to ask casually, allowing strangers to spy on her life as a sex worker.

The woman called herself Imogen. She said she was born and raised in a middle-class Australian family and her parents love each other very much. "My childhood was perfect: my family was rich and my parents loved and depended on each other. They never beat or abused me, and they gave me a good education. I started doing this at the age of 18 and stopped for two years before returning to my old career. To make money to pay for my university degree in cognitive neuroscience and health psychology."


Imogen said that she worked directly after the interview. "It's rude, it's basically going to bed. On the way home, I just thought yes, obediently, I'm a prostitute." After reading her post, Reddit users asked her a lot of questions and revealed There are many misunderstandings about sex workers.

"It's not what people think. It's very clean and professional."

When I was in the brothel, I was often nervous every night. I feel unwell. I think this is just part of the job, but I didn't think so when I was in a brothel. Girls have their own reasons, but most of them are clean and good girls, in order to pay off debts, support their families, travel or go to college.

Once I flew to a larger city and saw some traditional prostitutes, but those were few.

I am not forced to be a prostitute, I choose 100% myself, and I feel pretty good.

Many readers who participated in Imogen's post interaction were stunned by what she described as a "happy and healthy marriage".

"He can accept my job because he finds it easy to separate the two."

When jealousy appeared logically, Imogen reminded him that "work is work".

"I'm not for enjoyment, but for earning money. I reminded him that I don't like those men and will not be emotional when I make love to them.

"Almost the entire working hours, I texted him to help remind him that I was thinking of him."

Imogen explained that she met her husband five years ago. He is also 22 years old, 6 inches tall, healthy, blond and blue-eyed. They have been married for two years now.

"He is exactly the man of my dreams, and he knows this very well himself."

"He is talented in comedy, funny and silly. He is real. He gave me a new perspective on things."

"He is my sunshine."


Many interviewees still do not believe that Imogen's marriage can be so dreamy, insisting that her husband must also be responsible for pimping her.

"Why do I have to be controlled by a man?" In response, she replied.

"Chad does not control me, does not arrange for my clients, and has nothing to do with them."

"He is not even close to the brothel, he doesn't even know the name I use for work."

But she said that her husband was very clear about her work and they often discussed it openly.

"If he wants me to leave this job, he just needs to say it, and I won't pick up another guest."

However, she said that many of her colleagues did not have such an honest relationship with their partners.

"I think they chose the one they love, but they are too afraid to tell the truth." She pointed out that many people only work day shifts, lest family and friends know what they are doing. But Imogen said that women who choose to maintain their privacy should not be blamed for hiding. "If it weren't for the reputation of this business, they wouldn't lie."


Imogen said that when her and her husband's financial situation permits, she will leave the business. Before that, she was satisfied with her work.

“Before I judge my position, I should say that I don’t need it. I am very happy when I do this job. Because I can’t make a fixed job from 500 Australian dollars to 1000 Australian dollars a night. Basically, I don’t want to work five days a week. In order to earn rent and study hard in the only free time. I try to work only one night a week. If I earn more than A$1000 a night, I won’t work anymore.”

Imogen explained that she was charged $8 per hour for 300 hours in a class. "I charge A$200 from it, plus an extra tip. Kissing and other services are charged an extra A$50."

As for her clients, Imogen said that many of them are everywhere, and there are few tricks to request services.

"Generally, the most common ones are a full set of basic services, massage or talk."

"At least half of my clients are purely chatting and don't care if they go to bed!"

"At least one client will say to me every week,'You are so beautiful, smart and normal, you shouldn't do this.'"

"In most cases, their motivation for paying for me is that the relationship with my wife is'lifeless', often'creepy' or'bad attitude'."

"Only once I met a man who was very rude and the process was painful, and I asked him to stop. That man was not good before, anyway, it is now possible again, causing similar trauma or something. Unfortunately I needed cash at that time, only I can bear it. I hate him. The worst experience."


But she said that there is nothing to be afraid of, and the safety factor is high.

Although men require unprotected sexual intercourse, condoms and sexually transmitted disease checkups every three months are mandatory.

She can control who she does and who she doesn't do, and to what extent.

She doesn't like going to bed:

"I didn't show disgust. I walked in and said,'Hello, I'm Imogen, I'm here for a massage, and then go out.' Sometimes they don't choose me (because she only massages that client). If they choose me, they will only do massage. I may be the only girl who can say "only massage". Most girls pick up anyone. I am the most picky prostitute you have ever seen."

"Although alcohol and drugs are prohibited in the store, this party does not reject drunk customers."

"On weekend nights, we will reject all those guests. Unless they do enough or vomit enough, we will let them in."


However, Imogen said that many are "cool dudes", and one-fifth of them are handsome. Many even hope to arouse her "sexual interest."

"But that's just a play on the spot."

"I must have acted a lot while working."

"I don't find any one of them attractive, except my partner."

News compiled from "Daily Mail"


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