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I have immigrated, can I bring my family to Australia? Yes. After you become an Australian citizen or permanent resident as a skilled migrant, your significant other can come to Australia to reunite through the immigration of your spouse.

For spouse immigration, the core condition is that the applicant must be the spouse of an Australian citizen or permanent resident, and can be considered as a spouse after marriage or living together for more than one year.

The Immigration Bureau has very strict inspections on the spouse relationship. In order to successfully obtain a spouse visa, the Immigration Bureau must verify whether the spouse relationship is true, continuous and unique in terms of housing, finances, society, and mutual commitment.

Usually you can get a temporary residence visa half a year after applying, and then submit your permanent residence visa application, usually you have to wait another two years.

It is also stipulated that Australian citizens or permanent residents can only apply for spouse visas for two spouses for a lifetime. The interval between the two nominations is five years. Those who obtain visas through spouse immigration must wait five years before they can nominate their spouses for immigration application.

For example, some Chinese women use spouse immigration to immigrate to Australia. Because the purpose of this kind of marriage is for the woman to immigrate to Australia, the marriage is used as a springboard. The emotional foundation of the marriage is there, but it is not strong. In the end, the marriage is often ended. end.

Fake marriage: Chinese-style immigrant dream

Ms. A, laid off and divorced in China, used spouse immigration to immigrate to Australia, married an Australian Arab, then emigrated her son to Australia, then divorced, and married her own ex-husband in China. She wanted to get her ex-husband here, but was refused by the immigration bureau. , This marriage is over.

This kind of marriage as a springboard to Australia will not last long.

The reason:

1. The purpose of the woman is very clear: Immigrate to Australia;
2. The man is often not found in his own clan due to lack of financial means or remarriage. Be curious about the Chinese and feel fresh, and after the freshness, the break will be fast;
3. The woman cannot be integrated into the Western society.

The divorced Brerda came to Australia from China in the name of business investigation in November 2003. At a friend’s house party, she met Tom, a middle-aged unmarried man, through the introduction of her ex-husband’s sister.

After dating for a while, Brerda felt that Tom was not her ideal target, but Brerda's 3-month visa was about to expire, and Tom’s conditions were more suitable to help her stay in Australia by marriage.

So Brerda negotiated with Tom, and with the great help and matchmaking of his ex-husband’s sister Helen, Brerda and Tom reached a business marriage agreement and the transaction was sold at a price of 3 Australian dollars.

Tom agreed to get married and helped Brerda get the PR in Australia. After Brerda handed Tom 18000 Australian dollars, in January 2004, Tom and Brerda came to Australia to get married and held a small wedding.

Of course, all of these expenses were paid by Brerda. Soon, Brerda got a one-year work visa. Brerda was immersed in joy thinking that when she married Tom, she was in the safe. She is Australian. She is just waiting for Australia. The process and time for the approval of the Immigration Bureau are only that.

After getting married, Brerda and Tom did not live together at all for a period of time. Because they can’t speak English and didn’t have a long way to go, Brerda worked in a massage parlour to earn back the money borrowed from relatives to do business marriages. Miss massage (foreign massage parlors are specialized massage parlors, very formal).

But what Brerda didn't expect was that Tom began to ask her for money for various reasons. If she didn't give it, he threatened Brerda not to help apply for PR, and also reported to the Immigration Bureau that she was a massage lady in a massage parlor because of what she held. The work visa is not allowed for this type of work.

The thought that he was married to him and that he would be relieved by just waiting for a year made Brerda compromise many times. Tom took all the money he earned in the massage parlor. Tom used the money to buy the car, but the car was registered. It's Tom's own name, not Brerda's name.

At the suggestion of a friend, Brerda rented a house and bought furniture and other daily necessities, and asked Tom to live in the same house with her, and the two applied for a joint bank account.

But Tom’s condition is that Brerda should go to the lawyer’s office to sign an agreement for separation after marriage. The time was written in February 2004, that is, one month after the marriage, she and Tom separated. At the same time, the lawyer also told Brerda that the separation The agreement will not be provided to the Australian Immigration Department, so it will not affect their PR application.

Believing in the lawyer's advice and Tom's pledge, Brerda compromised again and agreed to sign the separation agreement.

Time flies by. In January 2005, Brerda's work visa expired, but the PR she applied for was still without results and no progress.

In May 2005, while waiting restlessly, Brerda finally waited for the interview notice from the Immigration Department. At this time, Tom told Brerda to give another AU$5 before going to the Immigration Department for an interview.

However, at this time Brerda has nothing, but thinking of the humiliation and suffering he has suffered over the past year, isn't it all to wait for the immigration interview on this day?

So, she again lent money to Tom from her family in China, thinking that this is the last chance, and maybe the last time she is controlled by Tom. As long as she passes this immigration interview, she can get rid of Tom's endless demand for money. Up.

On May 5, Tom and her came to the immigration office for an interview, but what Brerda didn't expect was that they were deemed unqualified and rejected due to the separation agreement signed before.

She chose to "black" down. Brerda gave up the appeal and gave up the seemingly hopeful "stay". She wanted to escape Tom's entanglement, and also wanted to earn some more cheated money, so she returned to massage As a massage lady in the hospital.

Because of her lack of identity, she was paid quite low, and she lived with trepidation every day. After a busy day, on a rare day off, she missed her hometown and relatives, often crying and falling asleep.

One day in August, after a few months of "black" coming down, Brerda was discovered by the Immigration Bureau and sent back to China.

Marriage immigrants are the most widely used for various purposes, and all countries, especially developed countries, are cracking down on fake marriages. People from third world countries are prone to lose money and wealth if one policy is to crack down on fake marriages. .

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