Ski again before spring comes! Melbourne's best ski spot-Mount Buller, see or leave! ‏

Release your eyes, put on headphones, and listen~!
"Chinatown"-Official media of Chinese Australians

give away!give away! give away!

Sign up for Hongcheng 2015 【Mount Buhler-Skiing-Icy and Fun】

Obtained [Hongcheng-Ski-Special Package]

【"BigGift package"packageContaining

[Special skiing]

Full tour guide, luxury bus, Melbourne's best skiing location, N trails for willful skiing

Enjoy Australia's lowest price of $65* snow appreciation (same price) or Australia's most intimate ski package

Ski lessons, equipment, and cold protection in one step!


Hongcheng this winter, special free "warm" Chinese lunch/dinner, a restaurant in the center of Chinatown!

【Hand Cream】

Hongcheng specially presents winter moisturizing hand cream or lanolin, one bottle per person. Make your winter warm and soft~

【Free Tips】

Excellent service throughout the whole process, and tip-free! Great value to go to the snow-capped mountains and play willfully

[Handsome equipment]

Participating in the Hongcheng Snow Mountain Group, you can enjoy VIP treatment: 60% off for handsome ski goggles. Takeaway price is $80-25, Hongcheng is only $XNUMX*

Everyone has a share! -Depart every day!

【Hongcheng exclusive special offer】

Major branches of Hongcheng,

You can also buy handsome ski goggles.

Special offeras long as$ 25 *

-Enjoy the snow orski-

-Courses, ski equipment, Snow suit rental-

complete in one step!

Let you feel comfortable, worry-free, and have fun

Option 65【Snow Appreciation】only $XNUMX (Same price for size)

Take a luxury bus, go to the snow-capped mountains and see the snow scenery;

Experience the life of the residents in the snowy mountain in the village in the snow on the top of the mountain;

Includes snow mountain tickets, cable car

[Hongcheng Specials] Adults and children are all $65

Option 168 [Beginner Skiing] $198-XNUMX

All included! Introductory course, free snow suit,

Choose one of Ski or Snowboard

【Quote】Children start from $168, adults/students start from $198

Option Three [Advanced Skiing] $173-213

The best ski run is up to you!

Free lessons, advanced skiing experience,

[Quote] From $173 for children middle school students, $203 for college students, and $213 for adults

Option XNUMX【Snow Mountain Accommodation+Skiing] You can match it with $178From

You can choose from 2-star, 3-star, or 4-star accommodation in Snow Mountain

Choose from introductory to advanced courses

【Limited Tour Fee】

The tour is limited to adults over 18 years old

Adults from $178*condition apply

Moremany fineAya all in Hongcheng

[Free lunch/dinner meal voucher-conditions]

1. Lottery tickets for this event are valid within 7 days after issuance, and the number of tickets is limited, and it will last until they are issued.

2. Winners must go to the designated restaurant (Melbourne Chinatown Golden House) to pick up.

3. The original stamp of the lottery ticket is valid and cannot be copied.

4. Lotteries cannot be exchanged for cash and cannot be used in conjunction with other discounts

5. This event ticket cannot be used at the same time as other discounts, and is not applicable to one-day tour special packages, special tours, and discount items.

6. Hongcheng Tourism reserves the right of final interpretation

* condition apply

* For details of the event, please follow Hongcheng WeChat, or contact Hongcheng's major stores

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Follow Hongcheng official WeChat platform grandcitytours

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More Hongcheng WeChat Store

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Mobile phone in hand, unlimited travel!

Ear to travel

Hongcheng Travel Radio【3cw Chinese Radio】

Every Monday-Friday morning: 8:15-8:30

Every Friday afternoon from 4:00 to 5:00,

See you or leave

Article reprinted from "Melbourne Today"


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