This official! The female speaker of the Australian House of Representatives was forced to resign after being criticized for $5000.‏

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The Speaker of the House of Representatives of the Australian Federal Parliament, Bronwyn Bishop, has been criticized by many parties for abusing members' travel funds and announced his resignation on the 2nd.

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott first announced the news at a news conference in Sydney that day. He said: "Today, Bishop called me to inform me that she has decided to resign to the Governor."

Afterwards, Bishop herself issued a resignation statement: "I did not make this decision lightly. I resigned from the post of Speaker of the House because of my love and respect for the Parliament and the Australian people." She expressed the hope that she would continue to serve her constituency as a member of Parliament. .

A few weeks ago, the media revealed that Bishop had used AU$2014 (approximately RMB 5000) to rent a helicopter from Melbourne, Victoria, to Geelong in 22671 with a travel fund of 1 dollars to participate in a fundraising event of his party. There was only between the two cities. 2006 hour drive. Later investigations revealed that she had used the travel funds of members of Parliament to attend the wedding of her party colleagues in 10. She was also exposed to be extravagant during her official duties in Europe, and she enjoyed luxury car service when other members of Parliament took public transportation. Currently, the Ministry of Finance is investigating Bishop’s travel claims for the past 5000 years. She herself stated that she has returned the $XNUMX for the helicopter lease and promised to return all improper expenses.

However, Bishop refused to apologize at the beginning of the scandal, believing that his actions did not violate the relevant regulations of the parliamentarians, and only admitted that he had "misjudgment". This has led to more fierce criticism from the opposition party and increasingly negative media reports and public perceptions. Under pressure, Bishop had to apologize publicly on TV on July 7 and announced his resignation on the 30nd.

Article reproduced from "Xinhuanet"


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