Absolutely good! Visa-free for Australian tourists going to Indonesia from October‏

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The Indonesian government recently announced that in order to promote the development of tourism, it will exempt Australia and 46 other countries from tourist visas. This policy will take effect from October this year. The Indonesia Institute, a non-governmental organization based in Western Australia, urged the Australian government to also cancel visas for Indonesian tourists.

According to ANZ news, the Director of the Indonesian Institute, Ross Taylor, said that Indonesia has taken a welcome step. Indonesia is facing a severe economic recession and is eager to increase tourists to revitalize the country's tourism market.

Taylor said that Indonesia’s execution of the two principal criminals in the Bali-Australian drug trafficking case, Myuran Sukumaran and Andrew Chan, did not seem to affect Australians’ travel to Indonesia.

However, the recent volcanic ash that occurred at Denpasar Airport in Bali, Indonesia has caused great inconvenience to tourists.

Taylor said in a statement: "Indonesian authorities very much hope that Australian tourists can return to their favorite tourist destinations."

Taylor believes that China will replace Australia as Bali’s largest source of tourists, but Australian tourists will remain an important part of Bali’s economy. "Our tourists are the basic tourists there. We can pay Australian dollars for renting, shopping, and restaurants in Bali."

“A family of four in Bali must pay a visa fee of 540 Australian dollars before coming to Australia, and must also complete a series of forms.” He said, “It should now be Australia that rewards Indonesia and allows Indonesian families to It's time for young people to come to Australia more easily."

Article reprinted from "Australia News"


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