Demystify! Australia's new prime minister knows China is pro-China? ! Actually still holds shares in a Chinese company‏

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Overnight, Australia's forced palace drama was staged at the speed of a tornado, and the prospective new prime minister Malcolm Turnbull quickly occupied the headlines of the media around the world.

According to a previous report by Xinhuanet, the then Minister of Communications of Australia Tan Bao said in a speech in Sydney on August 8 that China was a firm ally of Australia during World War II. He had also publicly expressed a similar position before.

Tan Bao pointed out: "We cannot imagine what modern Australia would look like without China's contribution to our people, our culture, and our prosperity."

Australian media reported that Tan Bao is one of the Australian political figures who has a deep understanding of China.

Australian media reported on September 9 that Tan Bao had a deep thinking on the topic of China and had a good level of talk, showing a familiarity with modern Chinese history. His understanding of China was influenced by Kissinger's "On China". The former US Secretary of State believes that China is focused on maintaining economic growth and has no intention of imposing its regime on other countries. Tan Bao said, “As Kissinger said, China, unlike the Soviet Union and even the United States, does not seek to persuade other countries to accept its value, let alone the government system.” Tan Bao believes that China’s status as the world’s most important trading nation supports In addition to his argument-China's rise will be basically peaceful. No matter how people view Tan Bao’s evaluation of China’s rise, his empathy for China’s humiliation of modern history is precisely what Australia’s top political leaders lack today.

Self-made millionaire

According to Xinhua News Agency, Tan Bao was born in Sydney in 1954. He started from scratch, worked as a lawyer, banker and entrepreneur, and eventually became a millionaire. The Associated Press reported that Tan Bao was regarded by some as arrogant and called "the rich and powerful."

Tan Bao was elected to the Federal House of Representatives in 2004, and then served as Parliamentary Secretary in charge of Water Resources Affairs and Minister of Environment in the Howard Administration until the Liberal Party lost in the election in 2007 and became the opposition party. In 2008, Tan Bao was elected leader of the Liberal Party and became the leader of the opposition party in Parliament. A year later, he lost to Abbott by one vote in the party leader's vote, and then served as Minister of Communications.

Tan Bao is also a shareholder of a Sino-Australian joint venture mining company in Zhangjiakou, Hebei, which can be understood as a microcosm of his confidence in China’s economic development.

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