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【Product ingredients】

Each capsule contains active ingredients: 500mg of African mango seed, equivalent to 500mg of lgG

It does not contain any starch, yeast, gluten, salt and artificial colors, and contains a small amount of sugar.

[Applicable crowd]: Adults.

[Eating method] Adults, take 1-2 capsules a day, with meals, or as directed by a doctor;


Prohibited for pregnant women!

Please read the label carefully and take according to the instructions; after opening the bottle, store it at room temperature below 30 degrees in the dark; health products should be affected by individual differences in physical fitness, so the absorption effect may be slightly different.

【product manual】

Australia produces special weight loss mango: lose 28 pounds of body fat in 12.3 days

Study: Strange Fruit Burns Average 12.3 Pounds of Fat Every 28 Days

Studies have shown that this fruit has a special function, which can burn 28 pounds of body fat in 12.3 days

Photos (Below) Reveal Shocking Weight LossUsing African Mango Seeds

The following pictures are all the shocking weight loss effects after taking African mango

Move over Weight Watchers — an exotic newsuperfruit called'African Mango' has quickly become the hottest new way tolose weight.

World-famous weight-loss company, Weight Watchers reported-a super fruit called "African Mango" quickly became the most popular way to lose weight.

After one of America's most popular medicaldoctors and daytime TV talk show hosts called African Mango (mentioning nospecific brand) a “miracle in your medicine cabinet that can help you lose10 pounds ,” sales of the supplement have skyrocketed, making it now one of the most popular weight-loss product in America today.

After a well-known doctor and daytime TV talk show host in the United States called African mango (which brand is not mentioned) "a weight loss drug that can lose 10 pounds of fat", people went crazy for a while The African mango was snapped up, making it the most popular weight loss product in the United States today.

Internet searches reveal countless blogpostings and Facebook messages, calling African Mango, “The hottest newway to lose weight” and “a weight loss supplement without sideeffects.”

Internet search results show that countless blog posts and comments on Facebook say that African mango is i "the most innovative and popular weight loss method" and "a weight loss product without side effects"

Study: Reduces 12.3 Pounds of Body FatEvery 28 Days

Studies have shown that it reduces body fat by 28 pounds every 12.3 days. "

Beyond the success stories on socialnetworking sites, new clinical research shows African Mango may indeed be the real deal when it comes to causing fast weight loss.

In addition to successful cases on the Internet, new clinical studies show that African mango may indeed help to lose weight quickly.

According to a recent study published in the scientific journal Lipids in Health and Disease, African Mango extracthelped men and women lose an average of 12.3 pounds of body fat in just 28 days without diet or exercise.

According to a recent study published in the scientific journal "Health and Disease in Blood Lipids", African mango extracts can help people lose 28 pounds of body fat in just 12.3 days without dieting and exercise.

What's more, those taking African Mangolost an average of over 2 inches of dangerous belly—and their bad LDLcholesterol, triglyceride, and glucose levels plummeted.

Moreover, those who took African mango lost an average of 2 inches in their abdomen—and their bad low-density cholesterol, triglycerides and blood sugar levels were greatly reduced.

What Is African Mango, and How Does ItWork?

So, what exactly is African mango? How does it make fat lose quickly?

Despite the recent frenzy surrounding African Mango and its weight-loss benefits, the fruit has actually been used asa diet aid for centuries in Cameroon, Africa—the only place in the world where African Mango is grown.

Despite the recent frenzy of African mango and its weight-loss effects, in fact, this fruit has been regarded as a diet product in Cameroon, Africa for hundreds of years-Cameroon is the only place in the world that produces African mangoes.

The brightly-colored tropical fruit is found exclusively in Cameroon's west-coastal rainforests. African mango, orbush mango, differs from other mango fruits in that it produces a peculiarseed, which natives of Cameroon refer to as “Dikka nuts.”

This brightly colored tropical fruit is only produced in the tropical rain forests of the west coast of Cameroon. African mango, also known as shrub mango, is different from other mangoes. It produces a special kind of seeds, which locals in Cameroon call "Dika nuts"

For hundreds of years, an extract from theseeds called irvingia gabonensis have been used among Cameroon villagers forits wide-ranging medicinal benefits, which range from reducing and preventing obesity to lowering cholestrol to regulating blood sugar to treatinginfections.

For hundreds of years, the medicinal value of the extract from the seeds of wild mango seed oil has been widely used by local villagers in Cameroon, from suppressing obesity, to reducing cholesterol, to regulating blood sugar concentration, and even infectious diseases. effect.

Recommended by Leading Doctors for SafeWeight Loss

Because weight loss is effective and has no side effects, well-known doctors strongly recommend African Mango

While a popular weight-loss treatment in Africa, African Mango only recently became popular in America when on September13, 2010, the slimming super fruit was featured on one of America's mostpopular TV shows.

Although this weight loss effect has long been popular in Africa, African mangoes have only recently become popular in the United States. On September 2010, 9, the most popular TV program in the United States carried out a special report on this super weight loss fruit.

In the show, the host, who is also one of the most outstanding doctors in the United States, called African Mango a "major breakthrough in medicine" and "a weight loss drug that helps you lose 10 pounds."

Other leading doctors have similar highpraise for African Mango. Dr. Judith Ngondi, a physician and professor of biochemistry at Cameroon's University of Yaounde, calls African Mango a highly effective natural alternative for reducing bodyfat and improving overall health.

Other well-known doctors also spoke highly of African mango. Dr. Judy Rogandi, a professor of biochemistry at the University of Yavin, Cameroon, said that African mango is a natural and effective product that reduces fat and improves health.

"Studies have shown that the extract from African mango greatly reduces body fat, blood cholesterol, low-density lipoprotein cholesterol and triglycerides." Dr. Rogandi said, "We will further increase the efficacy of using it. , Use it to control edible fats to achieve weight loss.

Americans Swear by African Mango's SlimmingBenefits

Americans trust African mango for weight loss

Erin Bates, a 34-year-old mother of two from Longmont, Colorado, says she lost nearly 30 pounds in 4 weeks as a result of using African Mango extract before meals.

Erin Bates, 34, from Longmont, Colorado, and the mother of two children, said that she had lost nearly 2 pounds after taking African mango extracts before meals for four consecutive weeks.

"I didn't even know about AfricanMango until hearing about it on the news" says Bates. "It had been almost a year since I gave birth to my son, and I was still 30 pounds overweight. I figured if so many other people were seeing success using AfricanMango, it would be worth trying."

"I didn't know what African mangoes are until I saw news about African mangoes on TV," Bates said. "My son is almost a year old, but I am still 30 pounds overweight. I believe that if more people see the benefits of using African mango, they should also try it.

Bates says she began to lose weight almostimmediately. “After the first week, I had lost 11 pounds — I thoughtsomething was wrong with my scale,” says Bates with a laugh. “Thepounds were falling off so fast that I actually got excited to step on thescale each morning to see how much more I'd lost."

Bates said she saw the benefits immediately after taking African mango. "After taking it for a week, I lost 11 pounds—at first I thought it was my scale that broke." Bates said with a smile. "The weight loss is so fast. It is so exciting to stand on the scale every morning and see how much I lose.

According to Bates, African Mango is the most effective weight-loss product she's ever used. “I've tried otherthings like Alli, but I didn't really notice a difference. The change I'mseeing with African Mango is shocking. It's like liposuction in a bottle,"says Bates with a laugh.

According to Bates, African mango is the most effective weight loss product she has ever used. "I have used many other weight-loss products before, such as Ali weight-loss products, but I didn’t see any effects after using them. But African mango has amazing weight-loss effects. It is like a fat absorber, which takes all the fat away. "Bates said with a smile again.

Jeffrey Kennedy, a 36-year-old journalist from Columbia, Missouri, says he's experienced similar weight-loss success with African Mango.

Jeffrey Kennedy, a 34-year-old journalist from Columbia, Missouri, said that he also experienced similar weight loss effects after taking Africa.

"After just two weeks of using AfricanMango, I lost 22 pounds of fat, including a lot of fat off my gut," says Kennedy. "I'm amazed at how fast the weight is falling off me. Already myjean size has dropped from 36 to 34."

After taking African mango for two weeks, I lost 22 pounds of fat, and the fat in my intestines lost a lot," Kennedy said. "The effect of losing weight is so fast and amazing. Now my jeans size has been reduced from 36 inches to 34 inches. "

Beware of Low-Quality African Mango fromChina

Be cautious of low-quality African mangoes produced in China

With the recent publicity and fanfaresurrounding African Mango, it's no surprise that sites are popping up all over the Internet claiming to offer African Mango at bargain-basement prices.

With the increasing popularity and hype of African mangoes, there is no doubt that many websites have sprung up on the Internet, claiming to offer cheap African mangoes.

However, according to a recent report published by Consumer Laboratories, Inc., an independent testing organization that reviews health and wellness supplements, a lot of these products, which are often imported from China, have less African Mango than indicated by their labels and have other ingredients and artificial fillers.

However, according to a report recently published by the Consumers Association (an independent review of health and supplements), these weight-loss products imported from China usually contain much less African mango than the label, and they contain other Ingredients and artificial fillers.

How To Find a Quality African Mango Product

So, how can we buy genuine African mangoes?

According to consumer and Better Businessratings, the 100% Pure African Mango product is considered one of the most effective and trustworthy, with laboratory tests certifying the product'spotency and quality.

According to the complaint rate of consumers, 100% pure African mango products are by far the most effective and trustworthy products, consistent with the results of laboratory tests.

The website offers a 100% risk-free trialof the product, and the site doesn't try to fool customers into signing up for hidden offers or those controversial “auto-ship” programs.

The site provides 100% risk-free free trial products, and the site will not deceive customers to participate in hidden offers.


General Information

African Mango has become the latest crazein the weight loss market. Even some of the biggest Hollywood Stars areendorsing African Mango!

African mango has become the craziest weight loss product on the market, and even some Hollywood stars admire African mango!

African Mango, also known as Bush Mango orDika Nuts hails from the coastal rainforest area of ​​Cameroon, Africa. Its seeds are smaller than other mangoes. The extract prepared from ground seeds are used in making Healthy Care African Mango.

African mango, also called shrub mango, is a fruit that grows along the coast of Cameroon, Africa. Its seeds are smaller than other mangoes, and the essence extracted from it is used as the main raw material for healthy care of African mangoes.

The extract from the African Mango seed isvery high in soluble fibre

The essence of African mango seeds is rich in very good fiber.

Additionally, the African Mango contains Leptin, Leptin is a protein hormone that influences metabolism, weightgain/weight loss, and immunity. It also plays a part in appetite control.? Highlevels of leptin send signals to the brain of fullness, so you are less proneto giving into cravings and overeating.

In addition, Fei Shou Mango contains "Leptin", which is a hormonal protein that can affect metabolism, weight gain/loss, and immune system, and can control appetite, with high levels of "Leptin" "Release information to the brain, so you will reduce your desire for food, thereby avoiding excessive eating.

•Amazing weight loss properties

• Incredible weight loss products

•Suppresses the appetite? Stimulant free

•Super reduces appetite, no stimulation

•Management of cholesterol levels and bloodpressure

• Lower cholesterol and blood pressure

•Increase daily fibre/supports daily fibrerequirements

• Increase daily fiber and provide daily fiber

•Helps weight loss in conjunction with diet and exercise

•Improve weight loss efficiency during exercise and diet

•Helps increase metabolic rate

• Help increase metabolism

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