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The legality of prostitutes in Australia is nothing new, but for the Chinese, prostitutes are still a relatively obscure profession. However, what is unexpected is that the Chinese policewoman turned gorgeously into Australian prostitutes and published a book.
Share an interview with Dayang Daily, let you read the story of this amazing woman!

She went from a Chinese policewoman to an Australian prostitute, and then published "Goddess", which made her experience and insights from a prostitute for more than ten years public...It's incredible!

On May 5th, on a warm autumn afternoon, I visited Linda's house and interviewed the legendary woman.


(XNUMX) Linda and her home

Linda's home is also her workplace-the legendary "brothel". However, when I parked the car in front of her house, I couldn't believe it, because what I saw was a typical residential house, which had no signboards or any special decorations and hints. Like all Canberra residents who love life and their homes, the front yard garden is clean and tidy.

I hesitated and called Linda to avoid knocking on the wrong door. When I got out of the car, the door was open, and Linda was greeted by her boyfriend, Pete Bruce Hackett.

Linda wore a small green dress with suspenders. It was a sexy thin silk fabric. I couldn't tell if it was a pajama or a skirt. The sling on the left slipped from her shoulders from time to time, revealing half of her breast. She allowed the sling to hang on her arm, and occasionally pulled it back onto her shoulders with her hands. Later, I thought this was probably the skirt she wore at work.

On the right hand side of the door is formal living, which contains a piano, a milky white corner sofa, a treadmill and other sports equipment. Linda said that in February she had more than XNUMX kilograms, because she wanted to take pornographic nude photos for the upcoming English version of "Goddess" and she lost XNUMX kilograms at once. What a man of perseverance! I couldn't help but admire.

Linda’s kitchen and a large dining room are in the middle of the house. There are some food and drink, a pile of books, photos and folders on the kitchen table; the table is full of bags of potato chips and other snacks, it feels like teenagers are there Opening a party is a bit messy but very family atmosphere. She said that these potato chips and snacks were prepared for the guests, and sometimes they were given coke and wine.

Linda's kitchen and a large dining room are in the middle of the house, and three bedrooms are behind the kitchen and dining room. On both sides of the bedroom, one is the guest’s waiting room and the other is her working room. The middle bedroom is where she sleeps and rests. There are some food on the kitchen and cupboards, as well as some other snacks such as potato chips and chocolates in bags. It feels like there are many people in the party, which is very homely. She said that these potato chips and snacks were prepared for the guests, and sometimes she also gave the guests a variety of drinks, wine and beer.

Linda is the kind of "self-acquaintance" person. She feels natural and relaxed at first sight, and will not have the rigidity of seeing strangers for the first time. My interview naturally started as a chat with friends instead of following the question-and-answer style of coming and going.

[XNUMX] Linda and her book

Why is there such a pornographic book?

When she talked about how she thought of publishing a book, she recalled that she was a prostitute not long ago, about one or two years ago. Many customers told her that there was a prostitute named Xaviera Hollander in the United States thirty years ago. From his career as a prostitute, he wrote a book called "Happy Hooker", which was sold all over the world and translated into many languages. The American Hollywood film company also arranged her story into a movie. Later, her story was adapted into opera by some troupes.

She thought: I have liked writing since I was school, and love literature. When I was in high school, my essay writing was once the number one in the whole year. She can write, I can write, and I want to write the second "Happy Hooker" in the world today. There is a famous pornographic novel "Jin Ping Mei" in Chinese history. I want to write a modern version of "Jin Ping Mei" and let it be named for thousands of years. Since then, she has spent a lot of money at the desk every day after sending off the guests. She keeps on keeping a diary every day, accumulating a lot of life materials. She told me that she originally wanted to wait until she retired at the age of XNUMX to stop working as a prostitute before publishing her own book. Because she has repeatedly considered her face and the pressure of her family. However, as the working hours of her prostitutes have increased, she has fallen in love with her work and has a deeper understanding of the work of prostitutes.

She said: "The Australian government is able to stipulate prostitutes as a legal profession. This is the most important manifestation of the humanization of the Australian government's laws. Because human sexual behavior is the most basic physiological requirement in people's lives and bodies, just like people are hungry. If you want to eat, you want to drink water when you are thirsty. If the laws of a country cannot protect even the most basic physical requirements of the human body, what laws and regulations should be humanized. Especially those who still define prostitutes. For a country of illegal prostitutes, it is a dead letter to talk about the humanization of laws and regulations. Imagine those men who can’t find girlfriends and wives for a lifetime. How to solve their sexual desires? Do they let them all? Rape? There are also men whose wives are seriously ill in bed, men who have girlfriends and wives who have not been around for a long time. And because of this, I decided to publish my book in advance. I want to use my The book proves that prostitutes are an indispensable profession to stabilize the family and stabilize the society. The work of our prostitutes is just like the work of doctors and nurses, and should be respected by people. I call on those who still make prostitutes illegal. Country of prostitutes, amend the law as soon as possible."

"If you publish such a book, you are not afraid that your family will not accept it. Have you ever thought about their pressure?"

She said: "This problem has really bothered me for a long time. From my point of view, I try not to let them know, the later the better. So my book does not endorse my real name like "Happy Hooker". Especially they are still living in China. In the eyes of Chinese people, prostitutes are shameless prostitutes. If they know, they can imagine how heavy pressure will be caused on them, how do they face friends, Colleagues and relatives. Of course, when I finally found out, there was nothing I could do. I had to seriously explain to them, telling them that I was engaged in a legal and legitimate profession in Australia, not what the Chinese thought. I think it’s easier to do my sister’s job because I helped her a lot. I bought her a car and helped her send her son to study in the UK. I would say to her: I come to Australia and my English is not good. , If I only go to the restaurant to wash the dishes, and go to someone’s house to be a babysitter, how can I have so much money to help you. I think she will understand me. But my mother’s job is probably too difficult to do, after all, she’s age When she grows up, she is influenced by the traditional Chinese concept for her life. How can she accept her daughter as a prostitute in Australia. She will feel distressed, her heart will bleed, and she will be uncomfortable for a long time. Maybe a few years or even decades , But I think she will understand me one day. After all, she is also an educated and knowledgeable person. Maybe she can't understand me until death, let alone forgive me, then I will really feel guilty for a lifetime... …" At this point Linda sighed and said: "My mother's problem is indeed a piece of my heart disease."

Linda continued: "I have been thinking about this problem all the time. When my books are sold more in the future, many Chinese people will know that I wrote the book. Sooner or later my family will know that they have to face it in China. Neighbors, friends, colleagues, relatives and other aspects of pressure. This requires them to have a strong psychological quality, and this is what I have always worried about. I can say in Australia that I have been a prostitute for so many years, what do others say and think I don’t care anymore and I’m used to it. They feel uncomfortable because they can’t control what neighbors, friends, colleagues, and relatives say.”
"Since you have so many concerns, why do you publish this pornographic book?"

She said: "I have a sense of responsibility and mission. I want to win a fair reputation for prostitutes during my lifetime. Through my ten years of prostitute work, I do realize the importance of our prostitute work. Elderly men who have lost their wives in their later years send happiness and joy. I solve the sexual desires of men with family responsibilities whose wives are seriously ill in bed. I relieve sexual hunger for men who will never find a girlfriend or wife. I want people all over the world to know that we prostitutes are not inferior. Like lawyers, doctors, and government employees, we are an indispensable type of staff in every country and society. I hope those who still make prostitutes illegal. The country of prostitution legalizes prostitutes as soon as possible. Prostitutes are one of the most effective ways to stabilize the family and stabilize the society. This is why I must publish this pornographic book."

"You wrote a pornographic book, but the name is "Goddess". Do you think this is blasphemy against God?"

She said: "If someone thinks that my book is called "Goddess" is blasphemy, then they don't understand my book at all, and they don't understand why my book is called "Goddess". Because of mine The book does not just talk about pornography. My book also covers major things about astronomy, such as God, Chinese history, the Great Wall and the Pyramid, and the XNUMX-year cycle of the earth and the moon. The reason why my book is made A pornographic book finally evolved into a divine book. I think I was writing a book by a divine will. I can represent the goddess and convey a divine belief to mankind in the image of a person on the earth. God’s kind of love for me. Especially the God’s wife and Goddess in Chapter XNUMX. Many of the words in the book are not my personal language. I am totally affected by a kind of God’s will to speak for the Goddess. Speaking for God's priest."


"There are many descriptions of God in your book. Do you have religious beliefs?"

She said: "I have never believed in gods or ghosts since I was a child, and I have no religious beliefs. But since I wrote my soul out of my body on March 2011, 3, I have found my god, and he is indeed in my In real life. Although we ordinary people can't see him, I can feel him by my side every day. I often hear God beating on my windows and on my roof. He is talking to me silently. , I can definitely be sure that I am the wife of the goddess, and the woman the soul of the goddess turns into. Although the story of how the goddess became human in my book is unbelievable, it is completely the will of the goddess. I wrote the story. I now feel that I am a god no matter what I do every day. This kind of feeling is no one in the world. Whether people believe it or not, I feel that in 14, the earth and the moon At a time of reincarnation in 2050 years, this may be true. I hope that mankind will find his own man on the moon as soon as possible. After 5000, people will discuss whether I am a god or a human being, and whether I am a person who has become a goddess."

Linda said that she has written thirty or forty manuscripts in the past ten years, from the growth history to "Goddess", from the beginning of being a prostitute, she felt shameless, and now she is proud of being a well-known prostitute in Australia and writing books for prostitutes , There are two to three million words in total. Linda repeatedly emphasized: "My book is my child." It can be seen how much she loves her book.

"Do you want to be famous when you write a book?"

She said: "Of course I want to be famous. No matter what I do, I want to be the best. As a prostitute, I became No. 1 and wrote a book. I also want to compete with "Jin Ping Mei" and "Happy Hooker". . If you do not even have a goal or a dream, you can never do things well, right?” She is blunt, really refreshing.

Publication status and future plans.

She said: "The first and second volumes of "Goddess" sold in various bookstores on the market are only the first edition, and a thousand trial prints (written on the poster, reprinted three times, popular all over the world, it was a friend helped to print it. , She is joking). Judging from the sales situation, the response is still good, because many readers called me to discuss the content of the book. Most of them appreciate the book. Of course. , I am sure that someone will read my book and scold me, and the person I want to scold me will definitely not call me. I thought of all this in advance. I wrote a very controversial book. , It’s normal to say that my book is good, or to scold me after reading my book. At least someone has bought my book. If my book is left in the bookstore and nobody cares, then I It was miserable, and my more than ten years of hard work was wasted. My purpose of writing the book was lost.

According to the sales of various bookstores, I estimate that in three or four months, the first and second volumes of my Chinese version of "Goddess" will be republished. In the republished Chinese book, I will add my sexy nude photos, and I will also use my photo for the cover. In my photo, there is also a photo of a very sexy male model I invited with me. I want to ask Xavaiar Hollander (the author of "Happy hooker") and Jenna Jameson (a sex videographer) Star, she wrote her life as a book. From 2004 to 2014, she sold 120 million sets of books in ten years.) They study, do nothing but do two things, if you want to be sexy, be sexy and be naked. Just reveal it thoroughly and truly realize my dream of being the second "Happy Hooker" in the world today.

In addition, the content of the Chinese version of the second edition will also increase a lot, from about 70 words to about 76 words. I think that readers will like my book. "

"A well-known Australian publication of the English version of "Goddess" has signed a contract with me. This is really a long book. The English translation took about two years to translate. Because I added to the book in the last year A lot of content has been added, so translation companies are now translating word by word, and it is estimated that it should be published in August or September this year at the latest.

Linda is an imaginative person who likes to joke. She said: "When my English version is published, I hope Obama will take me to the court to go to court. Then I will be a blockbuster. After the lawsuit, Obama will call me again and ask me to provide him with services. At that time, I charged him 1000 dollars an hour." In addition, she said to me seriously: "After my English version is published, I will use the book "Goddess" to apply for the Nobel Prize in Literature for Pornographic Books. "Hooker" compare to see who wrote the most yellow and the most colorful!"

She also told me that the history of her growth in China has been written, and the title of the book has been decided, called "Jinghua". It will be a full-length romance novel, which is completely different from "Goddess". "Goddess" is documentary literature (tells a short story), and "Jinghua" tells about her from birth to primary school, middle school, high school, and later to the police academy, and finally became a famous policeman in the prison. And afterwards, he left without pay and went to the sea to do business and became a restaurant owner, 38 years of life. The two books are very different in writing style and content. In addition, she plans to publish a novel in 2016 about how she followed her foreign husband to Australia, starting with a houseworker and a restaurant dishwasher, and finally embarking on a prostitute career. The book has been written six to seventy percent, but the name of the book has not been finalized.

(XNUMX) Linda and her profession

How did you embark on a prostitute career?

"Why did you take the road of sex workers?"

"Of course I did this for money. I don't want to hide it. If I wash the dishes in a restaurant, can I have a good life as I am now?" Linda said, she has been a prostitute for the past twelve years, she has really worked hard. made. Sincerely treat customers, there are many repeat customers and good business, which has brought her a huge income. Not only did she buy three houses by herself, she also sent more than 2000 Australian dollars to Chinese family members to help them. Give the old mother XNUMX Australian dollars a month for living expenses.

Linda used to be a female prison police officer in Beijing, and later stayed without pay to run a four-story hotel. The restaurant looks beautiful, but it is really not easy to operate. The wages of dozens of people in it have to be paid, and people from all walks of life have to manage it. After the profit sharing, there is not much money left in their hands.

Later, she wanted to go abroad, married an Australian man and came to Sydney. But her foreign husband works overseas most of the time. When her foreign husband went to work overseas and left her alone in Sydney for the first time, the first job she found was as a family nanny. Her foreign husband said to her: "You live in someone's house and they take care of the letter. They pay you 250 Australian dollars a week, and you don't need much money." So he gave her 60 Australian dollars. This made her realize that it's hard to live by marrying a foreign husband and asking him for money. She thought in her heart that she could find a better job and earn more money by her own ability.

At that time she was thirty-eight or ninety-nine years old, just as the "year of the tiger and wolf", sometimes eager to take a beer bottle to poke the solution. Later, she saw an advertisement in the newspaper saying that the Chinese brothel in Canberra was hiring a massage lady, and she called the boss in the mood to try it. When she met the owner of the Canberra brothel in a restaurant in Sydney, she asked the boss: "I'm almost forty years old, can I still do it?" The boss said: "Why not? I still have a lady in my XNUMXs. Yeah." After the negotiation, the boss bought her a train ticket to Canberra. Linda also got on the train with the idea of ​​taking a gamble and started her career as a prostitute.

"Did you know what the young lady did?"

She said bluntly: "I know."

"If you want to be a lady, besides wanting to make more money, do you also want to solve your sexual desire?"

She replied: "Yes."

"What do you think others will think of this profession?"

She said: "From my 12 years of working experience, I think that even in Western countries like Australia and the United States where prostitutes are regarded as legal occupations, 60 to 70% of people still discriminate against prostitutes and think that prostitutes are not. Glorious profession. Not to mention countries like China that regard prostitutes as illegal. In these countries, people regard prostitutes as lowly prostitutes. The reason why I wrote the pornographic book "Goddess" at all costs , Is to let people change this concept."

"Then what do you think of this profession? Can you face your status as a prostitute?"

She replied: "To be honest, I can become a well-known Australian prostitute to this day. I am proud to be a prostitute. I can stand upright and be my first prostitute. It has been a long time. I remember the first time I was working. When a client helped me take off my skirt, I shed tears. Just a few years ago, I went to the mall to buy things evasively for fear of running into my own guests. Both I feel much better in three years, especially after my "Goddess" book went on sale in the bookstore. Many readers called me and expressed their approval of my courage. They gave me a lot of support and help, and I was even more supportive. Straighten up and become my first prostitute. I can now walk lovingly in the mall with my boyfriend Peter’s arm. With his understanding and support, I will make my first prostitute Even better."

"Why do you love your profession so much?"

She replied: "I'm very satisfied. The prostitute makes me feel that my life's value is truly realized. Feeling."

"I'm very satisfied. I think being a prostitute realizes my life value. I make money by relying on my body. I let men be sexually satisfied, and my own sexual desires have been resolved. Thousands of them Men come to appreciate my body, which in itself is a kind of enjoyment. There are so many men who like me to pursue me, I feel like a queen. Now my body does not belong to a certain man, but to everyone who comes to me Man. Peter said that he wants to marry me. I said that getting married depends on the development, whether you are my boyfriend or my husband, since you love me, you must accept everything about me. I am no longer me. People, there are thousands of men around me. They need me. For twelve years, we have formed a relationship of friends similar to husband and wife. I love them. Of course, this kind of love is not between a man and a woman. This kind of love is a kind of great love, universal love is a kind of caring. And my love for you is the true love between men and women. These two kinds of love are completely different."

(XNUMX) Linda and her boyfriend

Linda said that she was very busy every day, receiving more than a dozen or two dozen guests a day. But I was lucky, there were few guests that afternoon. In our two-hour interview, she only had three guests. When the guests came, she asked me and her boyfriend Peter to avoid, so we moved to her waiting room, and I took this opportunity to chat with Peter.

Peter is a typical Australian man, five years older than Linda. Linda said that he had worked in the army for 34 years, followed the army to and fro across Australia, and now works in a government department.

"How did you fall in love with Linda?"

Peter said he has been Linda's guest for more than five years, and he has been listening to Linda saying that she is writing a book. Linda showed him the English translation. He began to feel that her writing was very real and vivid, but when he saw it, he found that she was happy when she was happy, and when she was sad, she was also sad. He saw her being a guest. He feels distressed when making things difficult. Slowly he developed an admiration for Linda. He told Linda many times that he loved her, but Linda was indifferent. In recent months, Linda has begun preparations for publishing the English version of "Goddess". Peter gave her "Happy hooker" by Xavaiar Hollander and "Make love like a porn star" by Jenna Jameson to encourage her Bravely clip your sexy nude photos into the book FCU ​​just like them. The book brought their feelings closer. Peter also often uses the rest time to drive Linda to buy things for customers. Of course, Linda pays him every time. Linda is a person who doesn't owe men any money. With more and more contact between two people, naturally the relationship between two people will develop further. Finally one day Linda said to Peter: "I don't know why every time you help me buy something, I miss you for a day after you leave." Peter knew Linda had started the sail of love. Peter pulled Linda into his arms, and the lips of the two kissed passionately, and they fell in love.

"You don't mind her job, don't you mind her being with so many men every day?"

He said: "Don't mind. I love her including accepting her job and accepting her guests. I am not jealous of them.

"But, generally speaking, men will not accept their girlfriends having sex with other men. So how do you do it (not jealous)?"

"Here", Peter punched his left chest twice with his fist, and then said: "Because I have a good heart, very strong heart (because I also have a good heart, very strong heart)." He Said, "Every day when I come back from work, I can hug her and hold his hand, I feel very satisfied."

"Can you tell me why you love her so much?"

"She's lovely, simple and has a kind heart (She's lovely, simple and has a kind heart)".

When Linda finished her work and was free, the three of us sat again next to the tables and chairs in the dining room.

I asked Linda: "How did you fall in love with Peter?"

Linda smiled and said: "I don't know. Actually, we two fell in love. It took only two or three months before the love between men and women happened. I think it might be the book that connected us. Together. He not only brought me the two books "Happy hooker" and "Make love like a porn star", but also often told me stories of famous writers from various countries and periods in the world. Because he read a lot of books I love to listen to him. I know he is not a handsome man, nor is he young. Over the past ten years, many men have pursued me, from handsome young men in their twenties to old men in their seventies or eighties. Hundreds of men from different ages and different countries want to be my boyfriend. I want to find a handsome young man to be my boyfriend. It’s very easy, I refused. Because seven years ago, I also used to I fell in love with a handsome man for a short time. In two months, I spent $6000 on him. His eldest son had no money to go to school. I gave him 500 yuan and her second son went to school. Without money, I gave him another 500 yuan. His car was broken and repaired. I gave him 2000 yuan. I bought him clothes, and I paid for him when I went out to eat and watch movies. I never let him spend one. Divide the money. As a result, I called him once and he did not answer the phone for three days. After three days, he came back and said that his girlfriend blocked him at home and he could not get out. I was so angry at the time. A big mouth pulled him out of the door. Later, my heart hurts for more than half a year. From then on, I have closed the door of my love. No matter how young and beautiful you are, no matter how beautiful you are, I am Not tempted, I put all my love and feelings into my book. I think the reason why I can write a unique book is because my book has poured all my love and feelings into it, just like Peter told me that the famous XNUMXth-century European Dutch painter Van Gogh was able to paint wonderful world-class paintings. It was also because he fell in love with a prostitute who did not love him. He had nowhere to vent his love and affection. Cut off his ears, and poured all his love and deep emotions into his oil paintings. The same is true for me. You must know that I am not an animal, I am a human being, and being a human being has love. For twelve years , I don’t have any love in my life. Although my clients often make me achieve orgasm when they have sex with me, my sexual requirements are only temporarily satisfied, and there is nowhere to release the love of the opposite sex in my heart. What should I do? I put all my love and feelings into my book. When I write a book, I often cry out loud. Especially when I am writing the story of the fourth chapter of the goddess, I am connected I haven’t slept for a few days. When my inspiration came, I couldn’t put down the pen at all. I don’t know how many times I cried, and how many times I’ve knocked on my windows and roof. I’m in his will. I have written a divine book that cannot be written by any writer in ancient or modern times at home or abroad. You can tell people in the world without a doubt that I am the wife of the priest and the spirit of the goddess The soul-turned woman, if someone thinks that I’m blaspheming God, then he doesn’t know what a great God is, and he will never find a great God, and he will never find the soul of a man created by God. .

I think the second reason for falling in love with Peter, I feel that with him, my heart will feel at ease. I no longer have to worry about the man I love having sex with another woman in bed. I am very domineering in love, a woman who is extremely jealous. Without love, there is no jealousy. The longer I work as a prostitute, the stronger my jealousy. In the past twelve years, I have seen many men cheating on women. They were clearly having sex with me, but they told their wife that they were working and their girlfriend that he was in the hospital. The long-term work of a prostitute has made me unable to trust a man anymore. My jealous nerve is particularly sensitive. I said to Peter: "Permit me to be lawless here, but you are not allowed to touch other women. If you love me and want to be my boyfriend with me, you must first promise me this condition. In addition, you cannot be jealous of me. Customers, they have been with me for twelve years, they are already a part of my life, since you love me, you must love all of me and accept everything about me." He swears to God: "From then on, I will never I will go and touch another woman, because I have found my beloved, and I want to accompany you for the rest of your life, and grow old together, even if you are a prostitute until you are eighty years old, I will be with you." Through me to Peter His observation, he did what he said. He told me his love history is also very simple, only two girlfriends for a short time, so many years, I have seen all kinds of men, I really met a lot, handsome men, full of nonsense , Deceive his wife, deceive his girlfriend, a man who has played with hundreds of women in his life, no matter how talented, I will not let him be my boyfriend. Twelve years of life as a prostitute, my hunger for love, made me even more aware of what true love is. I want to give the fire-like love in my heart to a man who I think is worthy of my love. I also said in my book that either we don’t love, or I love a vigorous one. Peter can agree to these requests, so I am with him and never let him spend a penny. I said to him: "Whether I will be my boyfriend or my married husband in the future, I will take care of the house and car. I dare not say that I will be rich in the future, but with my current business, I will give you A good life, I have never been a woman asking men for money in my whole life. I have to rely on my own work to work hard towards being rich. If I dare to think about this, I can keep doing it. I just dare to think. Dare to do it. In the end, I didn’t succeed. At least I tried it. I don’t regret it.”

Linda is an outgoing talker. When Linda and I were chattering in Chinese, Peter sat obediently at the table. Although he didn't speak Chinese, he watched us talk with interest. But he obviously wanted to participate in our conversation, and whenever Linda had a guest, he cherished every opportunity created by "avoidance" and started to talk to me about Linda. He said to me under oath:

"We love each other. I love her so much, I give my heart to her, I will do everything for her (we love each other. I love her very much, I give her my heart, I am willing to help her do anything) ".

I asked him: "You love Linda so much, do you want to marry her?"

He said: "If she agrees, I will marry her tomorrow. I understand her job. She has helped so many lonely and lonely elderly men. She has helped men who have sexual needs. Her job is like Doctors and nurses should be respected by people, and I support her."

The interview will end soon. During the nearly three-hour interview, I felt that Linda was a quick-spoken, daring, and clean person. Finally I asked Linda: "It is generally believed that prostitutes are also an industry that eats youth. How long will you work?"

She said: "A customer said that there is a prostitute in the UK who works until 85, and I can do it for another 30 years. I now feel like a person in her twenties. Many men around me have also told me, Lin Until you are eighty years old, I will be eighty with you."

"If your book goes viral and you make a lot of money, will you stop being a prostitute?"

She said: "No matter how much money I earn from my books in the future, I will never stop my prostitute work. My clients are like limbs on my body. If I stop my work, it will be like cutting me. Chop my leg."

When I was leaving the house, I said to Linda, "I wish you every success." Linda said, "I am a donkey to achieve success. Since I was a child, my mother has called me a stubborn donkey by nature. I will not hit the south wall or look back. I There is a stubborn stubbornness in doing things. Eight horses can't be pulled back if I look for things. I will rush forward at all costs until I finally reach the finish line."

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