Huang Xiaoming and Baby’s 2 million wedding was on the front page of Australian media! See what foreign netizens say...‏

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Baby made headlines in the Australian media and was called China's Kim Kardashian! It doesn't seem to be a boast. . .

A few days ago, Huang Xiaoming and Angelababy’s wedding of the century costing nearly 2 million RMB bombed the entire entertainment circle, and various media also broadcasted their wedding live.


Their luxurious wedding has also exploded on the Internet, and netizens have offered their blessings. At the same time, female netizens have all kinds of envy and hatred for the baby!


This century wedding also attracted the attention of Australian media.Daily Mail Reported on this wedding, calling Baby one of the hottest superstars in Asia and comparing it to Kim Kardashian of the United States. However, netizens expressed dissatisfaction with this metaphor, saying that the metaphor lowered the grade of baby!


The baby, who is also an actor, singer, and model, is called the Chinese version of Kim Kardashian by Australian media Daily Mail. Recently, he married a first-line star Huang Xiaoming.


This wedding costing 2 million RMB is unimaginable luxury. The wedding was set in the most magnificent Shanghai Exhibition Center, inviting 2000 guests, and the 10-foot-high wedding cake was also extremely popular.


Baby's main wedding dress is from Dior, which was made by craftsmen in Dior's haute couture workshop for 5 months and nearly 35 hours. The wedding dress uses 7 meters of organza and XNUMX layers of tulle petticoats are sewn to form a flower bud shape.


This wedding of thousands of people gathered important people from all walks of life in Asia, and the cost of the wedding was twice that of Kim Kardashian's wedding in Florence last year.


The celebrities and the rich have grown the best man and the half-year group!


According to The Telegraph, the design team took a month to decorate the wedding scene into a carousel-themed wedding with fresh roses and cakes.



Every guest present not only ate and drank well, but also received a gift carefully prepared by the newcomer, including the Meitu camera endorsed by the baby and Jo Malone perfume.


Baby’s 6-carat super pear-shaped diamond ring comes from Chaumet, inspired by the crown of Emperor Napoleon’s first wife Josephine. It is reported that this super large pigeon egg cost Huang Xiaoming 100 million euros, which is equivalent to about 1000 million yuan.


The day before the wedding, the wedding photos of the couple also maxed out the Internet. The wedding photos were also taken in France, and the locations include the romantic Eiffel Tower and the famous Palace of Fontainebleau. It is reported that the new couple had already registered for the certificate 5 months ago.


Netizens said that most girls can't take wedding photos like Baby because of:Too heavy!


The baby after the big wedding has made headlines again recently. She was recently checked by a doctor to prove that she had never undergone cosmetic surgery. According to the People’s Daily, she has sued a Beijing hospital for defamation. The hospital once stated in a blog that the baby had undergone cosmetic surgery.


Angelababy appeared in the Plastic Surgery Hospital of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences for a facial examination. Received eye, oral cavity, and head CT, three-dimensional reconstruction of the head, anterior lateral view, and maxillary and mandibular curved tomography.



ClintsWife: The ring is so beautiful.


ccxx: Great humiliation! Putting it together with Kardashian is the lowest evaluation in itself.


pugsey: Comparing others to Kim Kardashian is what the flatters in Mail love to do. They try their best and always find a way to mention this "big butt" in the article.


Le Donk: This article is about Chinese weddings. Those laymen who don't know how to do it wrote it about Kardashian. I don’t know how much they spent to get you to mention Kardashian’s name, but your children should be ashamed of parents like you.


lovemygirl: "China's Kim Kardashian"? How can you compare such a beautiful woman with that common man!


catwalkqueen: She looks so beautiful.


Emma Louise: 2000 good friends, my best friend can count with one hand.


LoveTraveling: The wedding is great! But too much money is spent, and they better not divorce.


StillBill: Comparing her to Kim Kardashian is a humiliation for the baby.


Kaihoj: It feels nonsense to see them wearing traditional western wedding dresses.

Article reproduced from "Impressions of Sydney"


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