The villa is built to 60 floors, everyone can grow vegetables at home! Subversive real estate has appeared!

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A few days ago, news reports, Tsinghua University Architectural Design and Research Institute

An architectural model called Forest City Garden was introduced.

It moved the garden to a high-rise residence

Let the citizens say goodbye to the traditional birdcage-type hypoxic housing era

Known as China's fifth invention, it sounds like a dick.

At first glance, the building shines with green eyes

Watch the video introduction

So what are the characteristics of this so-called "China's fifth largest invention"?

First of all, bid farewell to bird cage architecture

Build the forest garden villa to the 60th floor

90% of the exterior wall of the building is surrounded by green plants.

Looking at a group of buildings from a distance is like a forest

Through clever split-level design,

Make full use of the outer wall space of the building

1000 square meters of building area

Each floor can bring 700 square meters of sky garden

Only 15 floors can bring green space ten times the building area

Greatly save scarce land resources.

Every household can have it

A two-story high, six meters outside

A private forest garden in the sky with an area of ​​up to 70% of the indoor building area.

Residents can plant trees, plant flowers, walk dogs, and raise birds in the garden.

Residents up, down, left and right,

Can’t see the living conditions in the other’s garden,

Solved the unavoidable safety of low-rise villas

And the problem of poor privacy

More notably

The urban forest garden building can be multi-storey, high-rise or small high-rise,

It can be brick-concrete, steel structure, frame and other modern architectural forms

But it will not increase the main construction cost of the building

Each suite only adds tens of thousands of garden construction costs

There are 3 types of standard floor apartment types

Two households on the first floor, three households on the first floor, and four households on the first floor

From the perspective of the unit type, this is just-needed real estate

Not a real villa product

The private garden mentioned in the real estate is mainly realized through the balcony gift

Whether consumers who just need it are willing to pay for the garden is worth a question mark

But Mingyuan Jun is still looking forward to this innovative model

Actually, it’s not just the urban forest garden

recent years

There are an endless stream of architectural design works with similar concepts abroad

Milan's vertical forest

"Urban cactus" in Rotterdam, the Netherlands

"Village in the Sky" in Rodofre, Denmark

America's "New York Green Tower"

Are thinking about the development of urban high-density residential areas and

Practicability of the combination of urban center greening

Let's take a look at foreign examples.

Italian architect Stefano Boeri (Boeri)

The second project to create a "vertical forest" in Lausanne, Switzerland,

With a total height of 117 meters, it will be the world's tallest building covered by evergreen plants.

The 36-story building is called "The Tower of Cedar",

It will be home to 100 trees, 6000 shrubs, 18000 plants,

These plants can be spread out to create a 3000 square meter green area.

These green plants can protect residents

Free from dust, noise pollution and harsh wind.

The "Vertical Forest" already in use in Milan

"Vertical Forest" is located in the center of Milan

It is a twin tower, 112 meters and 80 meters high respectively

After calculating the sunlight, height and other factors, the design team followed the exterior wall

730 trees, 5000 shrubs and 1.1 herb plants are planted in layers

In the Milan Vertical Forest, every resident can enjoy

The comfort brought by 2 trees, 8 shrubs and more than 40 plants

Natural oxygen, while absorbing carbon dioxide and urban dust

Isolate city noise

Irrigation water for plants comes from filtered and recycled domestic sewage

The whole building also adds solar technology

Reduced air conditioning consumption in the entire building

Vertical architecture is an ecological thinking about people and nature

In order to overcome unprecedented challenges


Jointly formed by wind dynamics and materials scientists

Every plant in the vertical forest has been carefully selected

Not only suitable for growing in high-rise buildings

And it will produce different scenery as the season changes

Simulation of different wind forces by a wind dynamicist

Ensure that green plants will not fall from high altitude

Engineers and materials scientists discuss architectural

The choice of internal structure and environmentally friendly materials

Aerodynamics experts from Germany designed a central system

In order to achieve the effect of technical energy saving

The conservation gardener must have the dual identity of a botanist and a rock climber

Let's take a look at the Grand Paris Vertical Farm

Ilimelgo is a construction company headquartered in Paris

They won OPH (Public Housing Agency) in Romanville, France

A competition for the construction of urban farms.

Vertical farm design

Aims to create suitable space for growing crops

And to provide maximum sunlight for these plants.

The wellhead in the middle of the building not only promotes light dispersion,

It also improves the heat exchange capacity of the building.

at the same time,

Facilitate the needs of urban gardeners to transfer materials.

It is hoped that between traditional commodity vegetable cultivation and technological innovation

Build a dynamic junction,

Provide an opportunity to provide fresh food to local residents,

And strive to rebuild the connection between the city and the countryside, the sky and the ground.

The wellhead of the building not only promotes light distribution

It also improves the heat exchange capacity of the building

Architectural and technical intent

Sketch of the design process

Interior view of wellhead

Production area view

Large sample

For China

"Vertical forest" extends the forest from the ground to the air

The practice of bringing natural resources into the city center through high-rise buildings

For us at the urban planning level

Exploring the ecological harmony between man and nature provides some reference

Looking forward to seeing more innovations in similar projects in the future, real estate people!

The article is reproduced from "Mingyuan Real Estate Research Institute"


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